Book Reviews

book reviews by margaret kazmierczak

Hi and welcome to my Book Reviews.

I hope these reviews will assist your discernment – choosing the right book can be tough, so all being well, I trust that these insights will help.

Reading is potent in that it takes you out of your normal life and transforms you into a different world.

Many of us daydream; or is that just me?  I seem to be in a permanent dream world!

I love adventures, sci-fi, crime, action, compelling drama; the list goes on. A good book is one that stays with me, and I think of the story, ruminating on the plot. Was it satisfying, were the characters believable, did the end make or break the book?

These are important to me as each day we live our stories, and they can seem unsatisfying, with unbelievable characters and endings. We may close each day, possibly with another chapter eagerly awaiting our rise the next morning, or with the closure of a much-loved book and the anticipation of a new story. There is a reverse side, of course; we might not want to continue our story and decide to put it aside in the unfinished pile – returned to later at an undisclosed date and time.

Happy reading!