Dear people who absolutely hate a frustrating diet

Do you know there is no such thing as an easy diet – unless you are my hub who just stops eating the biscuits and loses half a stone – don’t you just hate that?

Why should he have all the fun?


Dear people who absolutely hate a frustrating diet

Diets – miracles and promises

Dieting isn't easy - don't let fat beat you

For most of my life, I have been against dieting. Companies swear miracles will happen if you use their methods. They show disturbing images of women in their underwear. They all brandish muscles in places I would rather not see. What a total turn off – all that puff and sweat and you end up looking like the Hulk! No thanks.

Reasons for not dieting

However, the state of my belly fat and BMI (Bottom Measurement – Immense) I had to succumb to some dieting. Consequently, I Immediately wrote down all the things I couldn’t do to convince myself that I didn’t need to diet.

  1. Walk very far.
  2. Suffer from Chronic Fatigue.
  3. Get IBS when eating too many vegetables and fruit.
  4. Lack of desire to lose weight.
  5. Couldn’t give up chocolate.
  6. Cakes.
  7. Ice cream.
  8. Or sweeties.
  9. Have Arthritis in neck and shoulder and knees give way.
  10. Don’t like rabbit food, especially Lettuce.

Dear people, you can see why it wouldn’t be a good idea to diet – can’t you?

Dieting v's fat try a new life style

Positives for a diet

Then I wrote down why I ought to lose some weight.

  1. More energy.
  2. Will help with my Arthritis and knees – less weight to carry around.
  3. Overeat chocolate, cakes and sweeties.
  4. Can make friends with Lettuce.
  5. Longer life.

The clincher ended up with me wanting to be around for my kids! So I gave in and chose a tried and tested diet or rather a life style change.

Diets are not easy - but dont let Fat win.

Is there a point to this post?

Is it working – well, I haven’t been for my weigh in this week as I was celebrating my Silver Wedding Anniversary. On the whole, though, I will say yes. I do have more energy although I could strangle Lettuce’s neck.

Can’t wait for next weeks weigh in so that Lettuce has to eat her leaves. She said I would falter and eat chocolate and cake this week to celebrate my Anniversary!

Don’t let fat win

Seriously though, choose a diet that suits you and can deliver what it says it can on the packet.

Dieting isn't easy but don't let Fat win

Without a doubt fat is the culprit, by the way, limit that, and you will lose weight. It is as easy as that!

Enjoy your day; I am off to chew a carrot.



Have you found a diet that has helped you keep the weight off without selling your soul to the ads that promise miracles?

Author: Margaret Kazmierczak

For over fifty years I have laughed and cried through my life – it has been exciting, exhausting, emotional, challenging and infuriating. No one gave me a map or a ‘How to get out of stressful situations’ manual, to help me on my journey. Instead, it has been God and me, His Word and my mistakes. So let’s cut to the chase, I am a wife and mother of three almost adult children! I live in the South of England and dislike the rainy climate. Yes, it looks green but so does my face with little sunshine! With many occupations under my belt, I now spend my time writing – for my blog which includes book reviews, interviews some humorous pieces and a book called "How to Make Victoria Sponge." I also have some devotionals in a multi-author book "Heartwings Devotional. My life is hectic; I am disorganised, and God continually sorts me out. I hope my words bring you hope, comfort and laughter as I sit here in my dining room praying for inspiration and for the cat to get off my laptop!

6 thoughts on “Dear people who absolutely hate a frustrating diet”

  1. Margaret, you have me laughing so hard I’m crying. I especially enjoy your love-hate relationship with lettuce! Too funny! I have been way too sedentary these last three years, although I exercise several times a week. And I mean hard stuff like weightlifting and cycling classes. But at my age, it is a battle that I’m losing slowly while my middle is expanding into soft rolls. But you’ve inspired me to try again! Try try try until those pounds run away like a caught thief! Guess I’ll be inviting lettuce to dinner on a regular basis myself. In the meantime, keep writing these posts for our good humor. I’m sure, as we’re starving, we can both use a good laugh. Blessings!

    1. Dear Karen, I am so pleased you find these posts entertaining. I am unable to do hard core exercise so it is interesting to see that you can lose weight and still be semi sedentary. Not that I am advocating being a sloath! Lettuce hope you find your mojo again and lose those pounds. I think laughing is the key – and I am glad I have provided that for you. God bless.

  2. Hmm Margaret Your so right about the plus factor in losing weight…you have soured me on to try and make changes in my life!!

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