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Book written by Margaret KazmierczakHi and welcome to My Books.

Pull up a chair, with a cup of tea and a slice of Victoria sponge, relax, life is good with a book.

Reading and writing open up a world of dreams and possibilities for both the reader and author. I am privileged that God chose me to put pen to paper, either through my blog or my book.

The writing was something I thought I couldn’t do, as English was a hard language for me to master! Funny thing is I am English! As a small child words were foreign to me, however, pictures drew me in where letters locked me out. The squiggly lines wriggled about on the page like a caterpillar.

Pictures became my key. They unlocked the mystery of words.

I am fortunate God gave me several helpings of creative genes and a desire to put my creativity into practice. Even with my difficulties I wrote. I knew what I was writing even if no one else did!

With determination to overcome that continued into young adulthood and beyond, reading and writing became a passion rather than a chore. Finally, I found friends and lately Grammary to support and encourage this endeavour.

To my friends and readers, I am eternally grateful.

Click on the picture to read more about my book How to Make Victoria Sponge.

How to Make Victoria Sponge by Margaret Kazmierczak