Slimming dilemma

Slimming – I dislike that word it’s packed with calories! Constant number crunching, with lettuce staring up at me goading my body.

Teenage joy


At sixteen my figure stretched to the height of five foot three, and I carried six stone. I smiled to myself as I danced around my peers without a care for my body image. Yes, I could eat anything and not put on weight – No body conscience here!

How I snickered at those trying to slim – how the tables have turned, and I am the one horrified at my image. My udders and stomach are drooping southward and need belt and braced to keep them from wobbling as I move.

Margaret Kazmierczak Slimming dilemma


Having shrunk an inch after a micro diskectomy, I am now five foot two, and twelve stone two & a half pounds. Oh yes, those half pounds count when you are slimming!

My fat appears to be stubborn; it clings like a baby monkey to its mother. At first, seeing a different woman staring back at me in the mirror, I tried diets that miraculously claim they shed pounds off you. They do, in pounds and pence! I have an aversion to spending money on lost causes – me included! So knocking on the head these crazy fads, taking a sip of humility I sort medical advice as my BMI is high, diabetes looms on the horizon, and chronic fatigue plagues me daily.

Margaret Kazmierczak Slimming dilemma
Crumbs I’ve put on weight!
A new slimming course

At the wrong end of fifty, my doctor agreed to direct me to Slimming World. So this is where I am right now – almost one week into the plan…

Trying to get my head around Speed, no not the drug, speed food, yes those fruit and veg, lettuce stares me in the eyes again. However, this time, the number crunching is a can of alphabet spaghetti – better look that up to see if it is Free – no not the money kind, but “the magical ingredients at the heart of Slimming World’s Food Optimising plan”*.


Margaret Kazmierczak slimming dilemma
What no chocolate croissants!
On and upward

Tomorrow I have my first weigh in, and hopefully, it will be downward in pounds and upward in spirit.

Well, there you go – Heinz Spaghetti Numberetti in Tomato Sauce, canned (per 100g) Free no syns. Still not sure what syns means but at least I don’t have to confess it!


If any of my friends are on this plan or have found it advantageous, what recipes have you found helpful and delicious? I would love to hear from you.

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