I love Authors Interview 24 this is Rachel J Good

Margaret Kazmierczak interviews Rachel J Good author of The Amish Teacher's Gift

I love Authors Interview 24

Rachel Good

Today on the couch for the I love Authors Interview 24 is Rachel J Good. Her book The Amish Teacher’s Gift is on tour with Celebrate Lit from 8-21 May.

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Amish Teachers gift

Welcome Rachel, it’s great to have you with us today.

Rachel – Thank you, Margaret, it’s my pleasure.

As you know I like to provide a different setting for my interviews. Something that takes the author away from the usual question and answer format. So while sitting on my lovely couch we shall be transported to my desert island where I shall ask you five questions. Are you happy with that Rachel?

Rachel – Sounds great.

Wonderful. My first question is..

What luxury would you like to have washed up on the beach?

Rachel – I’d wish for two luxuries – a soft mattress (although maybe I could create one from items on the island) and some writing supplies. I’d prefer my computer, but unless I could somehow rig up a battery to generate electricity, I suppose I’d only be able to use it for several hours. So pens and paper would be ideal. Actually, I might even solve that problem when I indulge in my passion (see below).

How interesting Rachel, I love the idea of you making your own mattress. It sounds like you are going to make the island work for you. Maybe you could invent a solar battery from all that sun power? But if not we will give you plenty of paper and pens to be creative with.

I wonder what creature you are going to choose?

You are given one wish, but there is a clause which means you can only ask to be an animal. What creature would you like to be?

Rachel – A jaguar. They’re so sleek and beautiful. I love looking at the way they move and slink and pounce. Being wrapped in a soft fur coat would be luxurious. I’d also have claws to help me dig and protect myself, although I’d prefer to be a vegetarian jaguar. I’m not sure I could kill or eat other animals. Because I love being surrounded by trees, I’d like taking shelter in the forest. And stretching out on a branch, sleeping during the day and prowling at night appeals to my night-owl tendencies. It would be super cool to be out in the jungle at night under the moonlight, powerful and unafraid.

A vegetarian jaguar now that’s a fascinating idea. I am loving your imagery of the Jaguar and you have such a terrific way of describing this animal and its habits.

While out on a walk inhaling the ambience of the island..

You find a piece of paper with a pencil left behind from the previous author who was shipwrecked here, what encouraging message would you leave for the next castaway?

Karen – All things work together for good, for them that love God. You’re here for a purpose, so look for the positives. If you have a good attitude, even being stranded on a desert island can be an enjoyable experience. Think of all the time you can devote to prayer, planning, and daydreaming. Take time to think up stories, imagine big dreams, and send love to all God’s creatures.

I think I’d also include instructions for finding food and shelter as well as anything else I’d learned about survival on the island to make the next person’s stay a little easier.

You have a wonderful positive attitude Rachel. I really like that. You’re making my island sound idyllic for a spiritual and personal retreat.

I am enjoying this interview..


You are allowed to invite another person to stay with you on the desert island, which of your characters would you choose and why?

Rachel – I would choose Josiah, the hero of THE AMISH TEACHER’S GIFT, because he’s resourceful and has carpenter skills. I’m sure he’d be able to figure out how to build us a shelter and get food. Of course, the fact that he’s handsome would be a plus.

It sounds like you have the island cracked Rachel. With your enthusiasm and Josiah’s skills, you will get a huge amount out of its challenges.

I can’t believe this is the last question..

I know you like writing but do you have another passion?

Rachel – Yes, I do. I love art. I could indulge in my passion on the desert island. I’d draw in the sand with sticks, create sandcastles and mud sculptures, and make collages from leaves, twigs, and stones. I imagine I could find ways to create dyes from plants, and by chipping bark from fallen trees, I could make paper to write on. I’d also have plenty of time to paint and sculpt because I’d have no deadlines or other responsibilities. This is starting to sound like so much fun, I might never want to leave. When can I sign up to go?

Haha, shame it is only fictional Rachel, but what a fabulous idea to make your own paper and dye. I think you have been my most creative desert island inhabitant. This has been such fun.

Thank you, Rachel, for sharing your inspiration with us today.  It has been a delight sharing my couch with you. I hope you have a successful blog tour.

Rachel – Thank you so much for having me. I enjoyed being on your desert island and hope I can visit again. Many blessings to you and all your followers.

Sadly that is all we have time for so let’s give Rachel a huge round of applause.

As usual, there is a GIVEAWAY at the end of this post from the author – please enter for a chance to win. And if you have enjoyed the I love Authors Interview 24 post a comment too. It’s good to get feedback.

I love Authors Interview 24 was brought to you by Margaret Kazmierczak, blogger, author and generally nice person. Oh and modest too! Hope to see you soon.

About the Book


Margaret Kazmierczak interviews Rachel J Good author of The Amish Teacher's GiftTitle: The Amish Teacher’s Gift, Book 1 of the Love & Promises Series

Author: Rachel J Good

Genre: Amish Romance

Release Date: April 24, 2018


Widower Josiah Yoder wants to be a good father. But it’s not easy with a deaf young son who doesn’t understand why his mamm isn’t coming home. At a loss, Josiah enrols Nathan in a special-needs school and is relieved to see his son immediately comforted by his new teacher, a woman whose sweet charm and gentle smile just might be the balm they both need.

With seven siblings to care for, Ada Rupp wasn’t sure she wanted to take on teaching too. But the moment she holds Nathan in her arms, she realizes she’ll do all she can to help this lost little boy. Plus, it gives her a chance to spend more time with Josiah. Falling for a man in mourning may be against the rules, but his quiet strength is the support Ada never knew she needed. Yet with no time to court and a family secret holding her back, how can she allow herself to fall in love?

About the Author

rachel goodRachel J. Good grew up near Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the setting for her Amish novels. Striving to be as authentic as possible, she spends time with her Amish friends, doing chores on their farm and attending family events. Rachel loves to travel and visit many different Amish communities.

Rachel is the author of several Amish series in print or forthcoming – Sisters & Friends series, Love & Promises series, and two books in the Hearts of Amish Country series – as well as the Amish Quilts Coloring Books and the contemporary novella, Angels Unaware, part of the Hope Chapel series. In addition, she has stories in the anthologies Springs of Love and Love’s Thankful Heart.

She’d love to have you visit her website, or connect with her on FacebookInstagramPinterestTwitter, and Bookbub. Rachel also enjoys meeting readers and will be doing talks and book signings around the country this year. To find out more about Rachel and her books, you can sign up for her newsletter: http://bit.ly/1qwci4Q

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To celebrate her tour, Rachel is giving away a grand prize package of a tote, an autographed copy of The Amish Teacher’s Gift, and an autographed copy of Hearts Reunited!!

Click below to enter. Be sure to comment on this post before you enter to claim 9 extra entries! https://promosimple.com/ps/cee3/the-amish-teacher-s-gift-celebration-tour-giveaway


I love authors Interview 4 this is Jen Beckstrand

I love authors Interview 4

Jennifer Beckstrand

This is Jennifer Beckstrand

Welcome readers to “I love Authors Interview 4” in this interview we meet, Jennifer Beckstrand – Let’s all give Jennifer a warm welcome.

Hello, Jennifer, you are the author of A Courtship on Huckleberry Hill which is currently on tour with Celebrate Lit. It’s a pleasure to have you sitting on my couch today.

a courtship on huckleberry hill MM (1)

Jennifer – Thank you, Margaret, I am delighted to be here.

Ok down to the serious stuff now!

Now I want you to imagine that you are on a desert island. This means you are going back to basics.

So tell me Jennifer…

What luxury would you like to have washed up on the beach?

Jennifer – I don’t know if this is a luxury, but I would love to have an endless supply of pens and blank notebooks so I could write stories. Well, first I would make several to-do lists because I love crossing off tasks when I finish them. Then I would write my own crossword puzzle, and then I would write a novel. I suppose it would depend on when I got rescued as to how many novels I would write, but considering I’m kind of slow, it might end up being the first couple of sentences. Also, I hope this isn’t cheating to mention more than one item, but I would really need a case of toilet paper.

I’m sure there would be lots of to-do lists on a desert Island Jennifer. Sounds like you wouldn’t be stuck for things to do. Oh, I am with you on those toilet rolls!

Jennifer, you are going to need something to read as you watch the sunset.

What book would you crave to read (you already have the bible, so please pick another book)?

Jennifer – It would have to be Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. It was the first romance I ever read. I still pick it up every few years and read it just for fun. It’s so rich with humor and delightful characters that I don’t think I’d tire of reading it over and over. And Mr. Darcy. Oh, my heck!

Tall, dark and handsome… oops sorry about that Jennifer, I just went off on a cloud there.

Let’s hear something about your latest book Jennifer.

What favourite sentence do you like from your most recent published book?

Jennifer – There are so many! I’ll give you the first two lines of “A Courtship on Huckleberry Hill”: Elsie Stutzman forced a smile and took the last bite of asparagus potato raisin casserole on her plate. She swallowed decisively, and it slid down her throat like a cup of wet cement.

Ohh sounds like she is struggling there, but I like the image you are portraying. Personally, I like a cup of tea.

Onto question four

You are allowed to invite another person to stay with you on the desert island, which of your characters would you choose and why?

Jennifer – I’m going to have to cheat again and choose two: Anna and Felty Helmuth, the eighty-something matchmakers in my Huckleberry Hill series. Anna is a terrible cook and Felty makes up words to songs when he can’t remember the lyrics, but there are no two people more resourceful, more fun to be with, or more loyal to their grandchildren. Anna could knit hammocks for us, and Felty could whittle toothpicks out of coconut shells.

They sound like great companions Jennifer, I can see why you would choose them.

Ok so onto the next question

I know you like writing but do you have another passion?

Jennifer – Well, Margaret, I love music and theatre. When my kids were younger, you could often find me at the elementary or junior high directing a play in one of their classes. On more than one occasion, I’ve organized my kids and their friends in Shakespeare productions, musical numbers, and dramatic presentations. I also used to drag all six kids to sing with me and my husband in church and other programs. I think they mostly enjoyed it. One of my daughters was a music major, and my son is the lead singer in his band. Something must have stuck.

It sounds like it did Jennifer!

The final question now

So to leave the island, you have to describe your main character in five words, can you tell me what they would be?

Jennifer – Puny, feisty, determined, compassionate, unconventional.

She sounds like an interesting person to meet.


And now to wrap it all up

Jennifer, I have thoroughly enjoyed our time together.  It has been a delight sharing my couch with you. I hope you have a successful blog tour.

And thank you, Margaret, it has been fun.

A round of applause for Jennifer Beckstrand. ♥

Oh, I nearly forgot, Jennifer has a GIVEAWAY to offer. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and see what Jennifer is giving away – but first please read all about Jennifer and her book A Courtship on Huckleberry Hill below.

A Courtship on huckleberry Hill fb banner copy

About the Book

a courtship on huckleberry hill MM (1)

Title: A Courtship on Huckleberry Hill

Author: Jennifer Beckstrand

Genre: Christian Amish Fiction

Release Date: December 26, 2017

Elsie Helmuth’s plain-spoken ways got her in trouble once before, so she needs to make a good impression at her new teaching job. But she’s not about to let disabled student Wally Sensenig work below his potential. And she definitely won’t put up with his hot-headed older brother sabotaging her efforts, no matter how handsome he is. . .

Sam is nearly at the end of his rope caring for his ailing, widowed mother, working their farm, and raising his siblings. He’ll admit Elsie’s ideas are bringing Wally out of his angry shell—but why does she have to be as stubborn as she is pretty? Yet as it turns out, Elsie has taught Sam something about himself as well. And he’ll do whatever it takes to make up for his mistakes—and win her heart forever.

Click here to purchase your copy.

About the Author

Jennifer BeckstrandJennifer Beckstrand is the RITA-nominated, award-winning Amish romance author of The Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hillseries and The Honeybee Sisters series for Kensington Books. Her much-anticipated Amish series, The Honeybee Sisters, has created a lot of romantic buzz. Sweet as Honey received a starred review from Publisher’s Weekly and Sweet as Honey and A Bee in her Bonnet were both awarded Top Picks from RT Book Reviews. Jennifer has always been drawn to the strong faith and the enduring family ties of the Plain people and loves writing about the antics of Anna and Felty Helmuth and the Honeybee sisters’aendi Bitsy. Jennifer has a degree in mathematics and a passion for Jane Austen and Shakespeare. She and her husband have been married for thirty-three years, and she has six children and six adorable grandchildren, whom she spoils rotten.




To celebrate her tour, Jennifer is giving away a $10 Amazon gift card to three winners!! https://promosimple.com/ps/c6cf

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Ten best reasons to love Caryl McAdoo

10 best reasons

It’s official there are 10 best reasons to love Caryl McAdoo.

My interview with Caryl McAdoo

I am so excited to introduce my lovely friend Caryl McAdoo whose latest book Chief of Sinners has recently been released. Congratulation my friend on this achievement. You can read more about Caryl’s new book at the end of the interview.

What a blessing Caryl is to her friends and readers.

Welcome, Caryl (round of applause please).

My interview with Caryl McAdoo author of the Texas Romance Family Sage series

Margaret, thank you so much for inviting me to visit! I’ve just loved getting to know you over the years since e’meeting you! This is an honor, and I’m thrilled to be with you!

Let’s begin. You have written many books during your time as an author, have you visited the places in your books?

My interview with Caryl McAdoo author of the Texas Romance Family Sage seriesFor the most part, my novels are set in Texas, even to placing my original heroine of the Texas Romance Family Saga, Susannah “Sue” Baylor right on the 900 acre McAdoo Ranch in Northeast Texas where Ron and I live—the land isn’t ours, it belongs to my brother-in-love and his wife. I grew up in Dallas and one of its suburbs, Irving, and Ron’s maternal grandparents lived in the hill country. I was born in Long Beach California and have visited to San Francisco. He’s been to Alaska, but we’ve never been overseas.

Sounds like your life has been busy enough!

Tell us, have you ever been on a literary pilgrimage of a favourite book that you have read if so where you have gone?

Never. I’ve had children in my care since the age of nineteen. I spread my own four out over fourteen years so that before my youngest left the nest, we’d taken on four grandsons and reared the last fourteen years, so . . . not much opportunity for literary pilgrimages! The only place I want to go in the world is Jerusalem.

Yes, I agree, Jerusalem would be an awesome place to visit.

My Interview with Caryl McAdoo author of the Texas Family Romance Stores seriesYour books are written with emotion, can you tell me what was the first book that made you cry?

Oh, I cried in book one, VOW UNBROKEN, and most every one of the historicals since. It wasn’t until book eight though that my emotions were such that I could barely read the chapters at our bi-monthly read and critique group for weeping.

Oh, those characters do tug your heartstrings, Caryl.

I like this question, if you could tell your younger writing self-anything, what would it be?

Start earlier, self-publish, and write more! I wrote for twenty years for traditional houses and VOW UNBROKEN—that Simon & Schuster’s Howard Books published (their Christian imprint)—was my tenth book to be published. It debuted in March 2014, and three years later, as a hybrid author (published traditionally and independently) here I am, having just launched CHIEF OF SINNERS, book ten in the family saga series, overall my thirtieth title published. So in twenty years, ten books released, and in the last three years, twenty more! Woo Hoo! See what God can do!

He certainly is amazing Caryl.

Now I am interested in this question as I love research. What kind of research do you do, and how long do you spend researching before beginning a book?

Oh, I just jump in and then research as I go. 22nd Century writers have it so good. I’ll be writing along in Word, come to a point where I want to write about something I don’t know about, so I click right over to Google and find out whatever tiny piece of information I need. Like how much postage cost in 1867 from Texas to California, or how long it would take to get from one place to another, or what book launched in 1885 then am able to talk just like a historian, plugging in interesting little tidbits. I have a whole document where I keep slang of the 19th century! But I do it as I go.

That is what I am like, but sometimes I get carried away!

My Interview with Caryl McAdoo author of the Texas Family Romance Stores seriesI find names difficult sometimes so how did you decide on your Characters names?

Naming the characters is one of my favorite things. It’s like I had that many babies, only these don’t get me up in the middle of the night! I had a herd of eighty dwarf Nigerian goats and knew all their names. Some characters are named after people I know and some after my animals.

That makes me laugh – I wonder if anyone can tell which have been named after your animals!

My Interview with Caryl McAdoo author of the Texas Family Romance Stores seriesOkay, next question, your latest book, what did you edit out of Chief of Sinners?

Plenty! We wrote it twenty-five years ago, back when we were in our forties—‘we’ being Ron and me. Back then, it was written to a more secular audience to get them to read a story in which the Lord worked miracles and sinners got saved. It still had the same theme back then, that obedience to God can overcome ruinous choices, and with the repentance of wicked ways, His faithful forgiveness and mercies never fail. But it had more secular elements that its new ‘cut’ version—mostly too much steam for my tastes as a sixty-seven-year-old Christian and Grami.

The scene is there, but we close the door earlier, allowing the couple much more privacy. And there was some moderate cursing, too—all taken out. We even took out words like heck, dang and shoot as expletives. Out of our story and our own vocabularies; didn’t allow our children or grandsugars to use them either.

I think that is what cuts it with your books Caryl. They are very visual and gritty but clean in a way that makes the scene real with action but without the actual action written down.

My Interview with Caryl McAdoo author of the Texas Family Romance Stores seriesCan you tell us what was the hardest scene to write in your latest book?

That would definitely be a spoiler, but I can say when one of these people I love died and leave it there. It hurts my gut. I cry and can hardly see to type for the tears blurring my sight.

Having read your book I can see why it was hard to write it.

Last question, what was your favourite childhood book?

BLACK GOLD by Marguerite Henry about a horse. I also loved MISTY OF THE CHINCOTEAGUE by the same author. NATIONAL VELVET, MY FRIEND FLICKA.  All the horse stories! As I grew older, I think the DIARY OF ANN FRANK was a favorite and touched me very deeply.

Yes, the diary of Ann Frank was one of my favourites too, we had to read it for history in school.

My Interview with Caryl McAdoo author of the Texas Family Romance Stores series


I have really enjoyed our time together Caryl. Thank you for visiting today and sharing with me and my readers some of your pearls of wisdom. It has been enjoyable learning more about you and your writing. I hope your book(s) bring many blessings to those that read them.

Thank you so much for having me again, Margaret. This was fun! I send love and hugs and blessings right across the ocean to you!

Thank you, Caryl.

There you go, friends, 10 books and 10 best reasons to begin this marvellous series if you have not already done so. Check out the series below and to read more about Caryl’s latest book, her bio and where to find and connect with her.

Chief of Sinners is a great read and you can find my book review of it here.

Here are my 10 best reasons for loving these books.

  1. They are written with real passion
  2. God the Father has an important role in all the books
  3. No sin is too big to be forgiven
  4. The characters are gritty and flawed
  5. The writing is beautiful
  6. The books are believable
  7. You grow to long for the next book
  8. The solutions to the dramas are not always easy
  9. The period, characters and language are of their day
  10. You grow to love the characters, warts and all

About the Chief of Sinners

Genre : historical Christian romance  My Interview with Caryl McAdoo author of the Texas Family Romance Stores series

ISBN-13: 978-154-8578-329  /  AISN: B074JGVY3L
ISBN 10: 154-8578-320



Series : book ten of the TEXAS ROMANCE Family Saga

Jacket Copy : Obedience can overcome ruinous choices, and with the repentance of wicked ways, God’s faithful forgiveness and mercies never fail.

Set in the afterglow of the Azusa Street Revival, this epic addition to the Texas Romance family saga sweeps through three decades of triumphs and tragedies—from the Texas Hill Country to the beaches of Normandy and beyond.

The faithful flock to his father’s revival tent where Buddy Nightingale leads praise and worship, but like King David, the young psalmist battles a generational curse, lust. On his first night back in Marble Falls, Texas—the place he heard the angels sing fifteen years prior—he beholds Sandra Harris, a beauty attending strictly for the entertainment of the Spirit-filled meeting. Love strikes both, but her Church of Christ father wants no part of any holy roller—not for his daughter.

Sometimes choices we make take us places we never intend to go, but God . . .

Excerpt : Lightning lit the dark sky, revealing a pale slender thread dipping out of an ugly boiling mass of blackness.

“Papa! Did you see that? What was it?”

“Where? What?” The truck slowed.

“Over there. Watch. It’s real white. Like God’s finger coming down out of the storm.”

He pulled the truck up on the side of the gravel road and watched the sky intently. Electricity rolled again through the black clouds.

“There.” Sandy pointed.

The truck leapt forward, and he gunned it when he shifted into second. “It’s a twister. Watch it, Sandra. Tell me which way it’s going.”

Almost constant flashes confirmed the finger had grown thick and black. “It looks like it’s coming straight at us, Papa.”

He glanced over his shoulder. “Oh my God.” He skidded to a halt, grabbed Sandy’s arm, and pulled her out of the truck. A deep rumbling like a herd of trains running side by side drowned out every other sound. The roar deepened as though the trains raced to Hades with the devil as engineer.

Reviews : 

I believe this one is my favorite, the most gripping and emotional. A few times I wanted to grab a couple of tissues. I just could not stop reading. So many twists and turns involved. Such a wonderful story that show the power of forgiveness, letting go, moving on and having second chances. The book is full of faith and inspiration. Christian Fiction cannot get better than this. Chief of Sinners is most definitely a must read. 100 stars! – Amy Campbell, reader

Caryl and Ron McAdoo’s storytelling never ceases to amaze! At over 400 pages Chief of Sinners is a tome! Dealing with tough topics, I’d not categorize this book as a classic romance, nor is it chic lit, but it rings true to life! Very believable characters, their struggles described in vivid terms, totally grab the imagination. No sanitized, saintly Christian read dealing with issues like mental illness and infidelity, but so good it took me hostage. Couldn’t put it down. If you’re looking for a sweet romance to cuddle up with, this isn’t the book for you. But if you loved the gritty, “Gone with the Wind,” you’ll love “Chief of Sinners!”

– Cass Wessel, mulit-published devotional author, and wordsabouttheWord.com

Please support Caryl by tweeting about her new book

Tweets : (Help spread the word! 🙂

#NewRelease CHIEF OF SINNERS #ChristianFiction #HistoricalRomance https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074JGVY3L

CHIEF OF SINNERS #NewRelease 5-Star #HistoricalRomance  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074JGVY3L

@CarylMcAdoo #NewRelease CHIEF OF SINNERS #ChristianFiction https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074JGVY3L


Caryl McAdoo prays her story brings God glory, and a quick scroll through her novels’ rankings by Christian readers attests to the Father’s faithfulness. She loves writing almost as much as singing the new songs He gives her—look her up on YouTube to hear a few. Her high school sweetheart husband won her heart fifty-one years ago, and now they share four children and seventeen grandsugars. Ron and Caryl live in the woods south of Clarksville, seat of Red River County in far Northeast Texas, waiting expectantly for God to open the next door.

Author Pages:

Amazon – http://www.amazon.com/Caryl-McAdoo/e/B00E963CFG

BookBub – https://www.bookbub.com/authors/caryl-mcadoo

Simon & Schuster – http://tinyurl.com/S-SCarylsPage

BookGorilla – http://www.bookgorilla.com/author/B00E963CFG/caryl-mcadoo
Southern Writers Magazine – http://authors.southernwritersmagazine.com/caryl-mcadoo.html

Sweet Americana Sweethearts – bit.ly/2q0tcfFbit.ly

Website: http://www.CarylMcAdoo.com

(All First Chapters offered here)

Newsletter: http://carylmcadoo.com/sign-up-to-the-caryler/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_1hQx6UZbWi3OYwmKKxh6Q

(Hear Caryl sing her New Songs!)

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CarylMcAdoo.author

The Word & the Music XXXXX

HeartWings (Devotional) – http://www.HeartWingsBlog.com

Stitches Thru Time (Misc.) –   http://www.StitchesThruTime.blogspot.com

Sweet Americana Sweethearts (Historical) –


GoodReads:  http://tinyurl.com/GoodReadsCaryl

Google+: http://tinyurl.com/CarylsGooglePlus

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/caryl-mcadoo-00562323

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/CarylMcAdoo

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/CarylMcAdoo

Puzzle: http://www.jigsawplanet.com/?rc=play&pid=1635910626b6

The Texas Romance Family Sagas

Book #1 VOW UNBROKEN, 1832

Book #2 HEARTS STOLEN, 1839-1844

Book #3 HOPE REBORN, 1850-1851

Book #4 SINS OF THE MOTHERS, 1851-1852

Book #5 DAUGHTERS OF THE HEART, 1853-1854

Book #6 JUST KIN, 1861-1865

Book #7 AT LIBERTY TO LOVE 1865-1866

Book # 8 COVERING LOVE 1885-1886

Book #9 MIGHTY TO SAVE 1850-60s &1918-1925

Book #10 CHIEF OF SINNERS 1926-1950