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Down but not out – the bullies hysterically laughed as I sat in a pond fully clothed with a waterlily on my head. “So who is the wet weekend now?” One of them asked. I could have felt down but I had to laugh as their retaliation to my comment meant I would be allowed home for the rest of the school day! The bus journey home was a wet affair, with people nudging and staring at me. One little boy asked if I had gone swimming, he was nearer to the truth than he knew. As I reminisce, I wonder why I was the target of so many cruel practical jokes. The answer may stem from the fact that my different shade of blue knitted school jumper marked me out as divergent.  I didn’t fit.

So what has this to do with A Door Cracked Open? Amy, the main character shares her down moments. These often led to God breaking through the times of pain and helping her to move on from a life where she felt she didn’t fit, to one where she did.  

About the Book

Margaret Kazmierczak reviews A Door Cracked Open by Carmina Edwards

Book title: A Door Cracked Open

Author: Carmina Edwards

Release date: November, 2015

Genre: Biography

Raised in a mean-spirited, poverty-stricken home in the seventies, where her quarrelsome father tries to squash her carefree spirit and her three siblings make fun of her, Amy struggles to understand what value she has. Somehow finding God in the midst of an atheist upbringing, she perseveres to grow up better than the useless person she’s assured she is.

When told at the age of sixteen that she must start working to pay her way instead of finishing school, she dares to dream of a better life, away from the squabbles and constant despair she encounters at home.

A magazine ad from a family in Sweden, looking for someone to watch their children, entices Amy’s adventurous spirit, and she soon finds herself looking through a new door in her life, cracked open to an amazing world she never dreamed possible, where people are nice to her and life is good.

”An incredible true story of perseverance in adversity, this is one account where truth truly is stranger than fiction.” ~Laurie Penner.

My penny’s worthDown But Not Out - A Door Cracked Open - A book review by Margaret Kazmierczak

Simply put this is a book about a young lady who wants to make her dreams come true. Being an avid reader, I have no doubt Amy’s imagination, fired by the many stories she read, inspired her subconsciously to break out of her dysfunctional home life.

Child-like faith

Underpinning this character’s motivation is a child-like faith, believing the impossible opens the door to moving mountains.

God’s work

This book is a good example of how God works behind the scenes bringing opportunities for healing to His fragile children. Such opportunities bless Amy. There are many golden moments of love expressed to her by her employers, which often Amy compares to her previous experiences. These past hurts or deprivation sometimes took away from the beauty of the moment.

Personally, I admired Amy’s bravery that escorted the naivety of her age. She wanted to change her life and strove to do so with God’s help.

Down but not out

This is an interesting book to read about life in the 70’s in England. Many people were down and out, but those that chose to walk a different path could, with a determined spirit, change their destination – just as Amy wanted to.

*I received this book for free. No compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.*

About the Author


I am a mother of two wonderful grown up children and currently living in the UK, after living in Sweden for three years where I wrote my first book, “A Door Cracked Open.” I was blessed to be able to spend six months in USA before returning to the UK, my home country, to work with my editor in California on the edits of this book and visit friends.

I am an avid reader and linguist, having also spent some years living in France and have been fortunate enough to have taught Swedish and French over twenty-five years and translate for businesses and manuscripts in both languages. Being unemployed the past few years has led to me becoming homeless. However, I never give up hope. As I try to portray in my books, God has always had His hand on me. Once again, He has stepped in right at the last minute. I now have a new job in Sweden and will be moving back there. Because I feel passionate about helping the homeless, a large percentage of my royalties will go directly to them.

Guest Post from Carmina Edwards

Something about my book.

After many friends, having seen the unusual life I have led up until now, told me that I should write a book, I finally decided to do just that. I am an ordinary person who has not suffered more than many but has been privileged with many extraordinary experiences. I wrote my book in order to share with others, just how God has had His hand on me and brought me through some tough times which seemed impossible to find a way out of. My first book highlights some of this, though it isn’t until the second book, that more becomes clear and the third book will show the extreme mercy and grace He has showered me with. The story is still unfolding. My aim is to show, through my writing, that giving up is never an option. Stay true to God and He does pull us through. Trusting in Him is key and I personally, have seen Him transform some of the dreams He put onto my heart, into reality. I’d love for my books to be of some encouragement to others and have so far received several emails from readers all over the world, telling me how my story so far, has done that. One went so far as to say that she had given up, but read my book purely by chance and has picked herself up and is once again back on the road to reach her goals. The story of a scatty, spontaneous and highly sensitive girl, ridiculed all her life because of her faith and dreams, (she’s born into a completely atheist family). never gives up and some of the situations she gets herself into are pretty scary, but sometimes humorous. Yet God’s protection is seen all the way through.

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