Genuine life secrets that will help you lose weight


My secret? Do you remember the adverts that start with this phrase and end up with a miraculous conclusion?  All you need is some expensive cream, and all your wrinkles will disappear. Yeah right!

Six secrets for helping you lose weight
My secret? I don’t use any face cream!
  • When my kids were babies, I only used Vaseline for their bottoms, and they were always rash free – it was cheap and cheerful.
  • Popular advertising at the time told me that I needed Sudacream to produce the perfect result.
  • Did I succumb – not on your nelly, I knew what worked and stuck to my guns.
Weight I have news for you.

I hit a high spot this week – yes that is right, and I am very proud of myself.

Time marches on too quickly

Is it me or are the days rolling into one – Lettuce see, is it Thursday or Friday? Are you serious, it can’t be Friday? I have lost a day! This post ought to have been out earlier; I do apologize.

Six life secrets

Six secrets to slimming

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