Fight the Good Fight and find the Truth

Margaret Kazmierczak interviews Patrick Higgins author of Chaos: In the Blink of an Eye

Fight the Good Fight and find the Truth

Yes, that’s right fight the Good fight and seek God’s Truth, what an apt introduction to my guest on the desert island couch today. Please be upstanding for Patrick Higgins.

Margaret Kazmierczak interviews Patrick Higgins author of Chaos: In the blink of an eye.

Hello Patrick, it’s a pleasure to have you here today. You are the author of Chaos In The Blink Of An Eye which is on tour with Celebrate Lit. And this is an End of Times series.

Patrick – I am indeed and thanks for having me here today.

This is I love Authors Interview 30
Let’s get started with the first question then…

What luxury would you like to have washed up on the beach? 

PatrickIf I were stranded on a deserted island and could have one luxury wash up on the beach, I would want it to be a laptop computer, with unlimited battery power, so I could keep writing until I was finally rescued.

Well as you are not the first person to request this luxury item we have a stock of solar panels already made for this purpose. So we are happy to grant you this request. But we want something in return… a read of your manuscript.

I think that is a done deal, so onto the next question…

What favourite sentence do you like from your most recent published book?

Patrick –“Keep fighting the Good Fight. Pray for me as I pray for you. God is with us.” This sentence isn’t part of the CHAOS prequel, but as the series continues, it becomes a galvanizing statement for ETSM (End Times Salvation Movement) Christians, as they do their best to survive in a strange and frightening new world, a world in which they are not welcome.

I think this sentence is relevant to each and every one of us Patrick here and now no matter what our view is. We must seek the Truth daily and be prepared. Fighting the Good Fight is not easy in today’s world nor in your series. There is much food for thought in the pages of your books. Btw readers I wrote a review of Patrick’s book here.

I find the road of an author fascinating…

On the island you have time to think, can you tell me why you decided to become a writer?

Patrick I know this sounds cliché, but had someone told me 20 years ago I would be a Christian writer, I would have laughed at them. The only time I ever read books growing up, was when I was forced to in school. I hated English class; it was my least favorite subject. I can assure you the thought of writing books of any kind back then, was as far removed from my mind as America was to China, geographically speaking. It simply wasn’t logical.

That all changed many years later when I went to Sanibel Island in Florida. After checking into the hotel, I went for a stroll on the beach and stumbled upon a large banyan tree flanked by two pine trees. All three were full of pelicans. Suddenly, thoughts started popping in my head like popcorn in a popper, and I felt inspired to write a novel. Go figure!

A few years later, The Pelican Trees was published. On many levels, it’s still my favorite book.

Sometimes that’s the way it goes. We have other plans or not even plans just different places to be in our life. God, however, knows what his plans for us are long before we do. We can fight or ignore them but at some point, we will succumb to God if we know what is best.


I know you like writing but do you have another passion?

Patrick – Aside from writing books, some other passions I have are reading, singing, playing keyboards, walking, feeding the homeless in America and abroad, and most importantly, preaching and teaching the Word of God to others…

You seem to have a heart for helping others, Patrick and putting your words into action. Fighting the Good Fight.

Going back to your book…

If you could be one of your characters which would it be and why?

PatrickBrian Mulrooney. Not only do we have much in common, we both were raised in the Catholic Church. To see his life so completely uprooted, to the extent that he is forced to find new answers to the many questions he always accepted as Truth, deeply resonates with me. Then again, I’m sure all Christ followers can relate to this.

I know I can Patrick. Finding the truth is a journey in itself. And it can be a real inner fight when we are brought up to believe one way and then God reveals His Truth.

It’s  time for my final question

To leave the island, you have to describe your main character in five words, can you tell me what they would be?

PatrickSince there are a few “main characters” in the CHAOS series, I will choose Tamika Moseley—a single mother who loses her two sons during the Rapture. Desperate to find them, the five words I might use to describe her was someone who was “determined to find the Truth”!

I like Tamika so I am glad you chose her. She is definitely a great character and I am sure she will find the Truth through her determination. However, we will only know that readers if we read Patrick’s series starting with Chaos In The Blink Of An Eye.

Well Patrick, it has been awesome having you as my guest.

Patrick  – Thank you again, Margaret.

My pleasure, now friends don’t forget to enter Patrick’s giveaway at the bottom of this blog. And chuck in a comment or two as well. Till the next time on I love Authors.

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About the Book

Fighting the Good Fight An intervew with Patrick Higgins author of Chaos In The Blink Of An Eye

Book Title: Chaos: In the Blink of an Eye

Author: Patrick Higgins

Genre: Christian Mystery/Suspense

Release date: September, 2015

It was the weekend before Thanksgiving. More than 100,000 fans were jammed inside Michigan Stadium, on their feet, to witness a heated football rivalry that had spanned more than 100 years. As the football was kicked into the snow-filled sky, they were about to get the shock of their lives, as long-foretold Bible prophecy came to pass before their very eyes, causing many to vanish into thin air without a trace.

But what they soon realized was that it reached far beyond Michigan Stadium. Chaos of unimaginable proportions ensued worldwide. Shock, fear and panic filled each heart and mind. It was just the beginning of things to come, as life as humanity had known it was forever changed in the blink of an eye…

About the Author

Margaret Kazmierczak interviews Patrick Higgins author of Chaos: In the blink of an eye.Patrick Higgins is the author of The Pelican TreesCoffee In Manila, the award-winning The Unannounced Christmas Visitor, and the award-winning prophetic end-times series, Chaos In The Blink Of An Eye. While the stories he writes all have different themes and take place in different settings, the one thread that links them all together is his heart for Jesus and his yearning for the lost.

With that in mind, it is his wish that the message his stories convey will greatly impact each reader, by challenging you not only to contemplate life on this side of the grave, but on the other side as well. After all, each of us will spend eternity at one of two places, based solely upon a single decision which must be made this side of the grave. That decision will be made crystal clear to each reader of his books.

Higgins is currently writing many other books, both fiction and non-fiction, including a sequel to Coffee In Manila, which will shine a bright, sobering light on the diabolical human trafficking industry.

Guest Post from Patrick Harris

How Chaos in the Blink of an Eye started

What started the Chaos in the Blink of an Eye series for me stems from my deep love of sports, which, I admit has diminished considerably over the years. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy watching and attending sporting events whenever I have the time. But these days I view them from an entirely different perspective than when I wore a younger man’s face and displayed a weaker man’s faith in God.

This slow but gradual shrinking away started soon after the Lord impressed upon my heart that the fastest growing religion in America, and the world for that matter, wasn’t Christianity or Islam, but “sports”. Every day of the week—including Sundays—millions of fans fill stadiums and arenas (or shall I say cathedrals?) worldwide to worship their heroes.

Whatever the sport, fans show up in droves to cheer on mere mortals as if they were gods. When their teams win life is good. When they lose life is miserable.

As a once-guilty participant for many years, I should know.


The passion most fans have for their favorite players and sports teams is the same passion they should have in pursuing the One who saw their unformed bodies from the foundations of the world, the very One who knit them together inside their mothers’ wombs.

Tragically, this is not the case. Hence, the reason for the CHAOS series. The sporting event chosen for this story was the famed Michigan-Ohio State college football rivalry.

Prior to writing the prequel, I traveled to Ann Arbor, Michigan to attend the game. I admit I was just as caught up in the mass hysteria as everyone else. It was impossible not to be swept up into the vortex that had completely engulfed the vibrant college town.

The energy was quite palpable. So much so that I had to remind myself more than once that I was there to research and observe everything connected to the game, then put it all into words for my readers. The sporting event itself was secondary.


Though the prequel initially centers on the football game, in no way is this a sports series. This will become quite clear to you when Bible prophecy comes to pass inside Michigan Stadium, and many vanish into thin air, leaving everyone still inside the stadium utterly panic-stricken.

It was just the beginning of things to come, as life as humanity had known it was forever changed in the blink of an eye…

Enjoy reading…

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Chaos in the blink of an eye – be ready

Chaos in the blink of an eye

Margaret Kazmierczak reviews Chaos in the bling of an eye by Patrick Higgins.

Chaos in the blink of an eye by Patrick Higgins will be on tour with CelebrateLit from August 9th – 22nd 2018. However, I have been fortunate enough to read it earlier.  This is my review of the book. I hope it is helpful.

Chaos FB Banner copy

Chaos in the making

Chaos is indeed the word for this book, although it happens almost at the end. The anticipation is well worth it as the build-up of characters provides the reader with a chance to get to know the main characters. And there are a few, five from differing backgrounds, work environments with faith and without. I gelled better with some and wanted to know how their roles would all pan out. At one point I did wonder how many more characters the story would involve but this is a prequel so the foundations needed time to be placed.

Knowing that the Rapture was going to take place did not take away from the actual moment. I found myself saying “What! What just happened!” like many of the characters.

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You need the next book

Leaving the reader on a climb hanger is undoubtedly the way to go as chaos ensued. I think it is well to have the next book close at hand so that you can continue to read about the consequences. That reminds me I need to do just that! I can’t leave Tamika hanging in the lurch.

Rapture or not

Whether or not you are interested in the end times, this book I suspect will have you wanting to know more. Well, it did me. However, what is most important is that you seek God and profess Him as your Saviour. If this series helps you to do this then whatever happens, in the end, God’s grace will see you through.

I am glad that the author was honest and brave at the beginning sharing his owns views and reasons for them.

Thank you, Patrick Higgins, for writing this book, now back to my own chaotic life!

*I received this book for free. No compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.*

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