Why are pigs treated better than a slave?

Margaret Kazmierczak reviews The Bedwarmer's son by Caryl McAoo.


Margaret Kazmierczak's book review of The Bedwarmer's Son by Caryl McAdoo

A hand poked through a small basement window in a house along a busy London road, “Help me I am a slave” cried a desperate woman. A passerby saw the hand but didn’t hear the plea due to the excessive noise of the morning rush hour. She stopped and stared a moment then did the bravest thing she had ever done in her life – rang the doorbell. The scent that something was wrong propelled the lady into action. No one answered so she called the police.

The Filipino lady made the news; she had been trafficked at an early age and used as a slave for over ten years. Her story sickened those who heard and read about it. I am not talking about a historical case but one in the 20th century. Her captor was white,  and a well respected professional. Sadly a pig would have been treated better than this poor lady.

My Penny’s Worth

The Bedwarmer’s Son by Caryl McAdoo tackles the bias of colour.  It’s a teaser of a story. A black man kills a white man, which poses the question will he get a fair trial? To boot, he is the son of a slave and a white man.

What I liked

Ms McAdoo creates another winner writing about this topic. She gradually pens the story through the eyes of Billy the accused and Alice, his white lawyer. Throw in a romance, and you have a compelling story.

As usual, the descriptive writing draws you into two worlds, the 1850-60’s and 1928. I liked how real the story felt, I looked at the lashing and could feel the pain. When Billy’s mother Jasmine, ran away, I wanted to run with her. No one should have endured such a punishment, but they did and frequently. Pigs faired better than a slave. Well, they would have if that region were into pig farming. They provided meat for the table, whereas a slave brought trouble unless they were whipped and dehumanised. None-the-less Billy’s mother, Jasmine, had character, strength and determination. And I respected her for that. Having said that I did feel sorry for the official wife of William. Confused? Yes, there is a repetition of names that can (children bore the same name as their father) trip you up.

What I didn’t like

The one thing that jarred a little took the form of a repetitive phrase. Billy sure was a master storyteller or something like that. It seemed to appear at the end of a few chapters or a break in speed to keep the reader wanting more. Reading the book proved that the writer made Billy a teaser in the telling. But that is just a minor irksome.

Do I think you ought to read this book?

It didn’t take me long to consume this book, and yes I would recommend it. On the other hand, if you prefer bacon for breakfast, you could chew on this book at the same time!

A heads up

The word n***** is used in this story. This I believe is included in keeping with the period the book is set in.

Thank you, Caryl McAdoo, for writing this beautiful book.

*I received this book for free. No compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.*

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About the book

The Bedwarmer’s Son

Margaret Kazmierczak's book review of The Bedwarmer's Son by Caryl McAdooGenre : historical Christian romance  /  2 eras : 1850s-60s and 1928

Debuted September 26, 2016

Available : Paperback, ISBN: 978-1535427395  / Kindle eBook, AISN:  B01JDFOD00

Series : None, though a companion book of the TEXAS ROMANCE Family Saga, this stand-alone novel has been touted as the best of Caryl McAdoo’s best with two stories two generations apart. In the roaring twenties, a tent preacher is introduced by the name of Nathaniel Nightingale and his son, Buddy—the son and grandson of Charley introduced in book two Hearts Stolen of the Texas Romance series and hero of book six, Just Kin.


Margaret Kazmierczak's book review of The Bedwarmer's Son by Caryl McAdoo

Bio : Caryl McAdoo loves God, and currently writes four series: the historical Christian ‘Texas Romance’ a family saga; a contemporary ‘Red River Romance’; The Generations, her Biblical fiction, and the newest Days of Dread Trilogy for mid-grade readers. Known as the “Singing Pray-er”, she loves praising with new songs the Lord gives her and prays her story gives God glory! In 2008, she and high school sweetheart-husband Ron moved from the DFW area—home for fifty-plus years—to the woods of Red River County. Caryl counts four children and sixteen grandsugars life’s biggest blessings, believing all good things come from the Lord. Besides glorifying Him, she hopes each title also ministers His love, mercy, and grace to its readers. The McAdoos live in Clarksville, the county seat, in the far northeast corner of the Lone Star State with two grandsons.

Jacket Copy :

What if Abel had killed Cain, but there was no jury of his peers?

In 1928 Georgia, a black man who kills a white man is automatically guilty, but the bedwarmer’s son, an ex-slave, is no normal black man. And the dead white man is his half-brother. Once his lily-white lawyer lady learns the truth, everything changes. Can she save him from swinging?

Will the bedwarmer murder the one she’s been bought to serve?

From the antebellum South, come travel the dusty trails of Jim Crowe Dalton, Georgia with slave and master, saint and sinner. See if God is really big enough, if He truly cares about His children. McAdoo has done it again, this time in a brand new way. A delightful morsel for the palates of Christian readers world round.


Jasmine picked up a spud and turned it over, then put it back in the pile. Mammy worked at the table.

She went and sat across from the old woman. “I don’t know why’s Mister William doing what he be doing, but I likes it.” She drew her shoulders back. “I ain’t never had such fine clothes on my back afore, and him being so nice? He done have me set up da screen in the corner to gets behind, so I don’ have to strip off naked right in front of him.”

The old lady pointed her paring knife right at Jasmine’s nose. “You be careful, child. Don’t go getting uppity on me now. Mister William’s been heartsick ever since Miss Coreena and her sweet baby girl passed.”

“Yes, ma’am. I understands. Why, can’t stand them folks what don’t know they’s place.”

“Good.” Footfalls turned the old lady’s attention to the stairs, then quickly back, she reached across and grabbed Jasmine’s arm. “When he does go to messing with you, promise old Mammy you tell me all about it. Gots me a secret ta help ya out.”

She nodded, but him messing with her weren’t going to happen. No matter how nice he be. She might just figure out a way to take off on that horse of his. Might not have to get wet in the creek after all when she run. She be dressed in these fancy clothes and have Old Tom’s note, them bounty hunters won’t mess none with her even if she did come across one.

About the Author

My interview with Caryl McAdoo author of the Texas Romance Family Sage seriesCaryl McAdoo prays her story brings God glory, and a quick scroll through her novels’ rankings by Christian readers attests to the Father’s faithfulness. She loves writing almost as much as singing the new songs He gives her—look her up on YouTube to hear a few. Her high school sweetheart husband won her heart fifty-two years ago, and now they share four children and seventeen grandsugars. Ron and Caryl live in the woods south of Clarksville, seat of Red River County in far Northeast Texas, waiting expectantly for God to open the next door.

Reviews of The Bedwarmer’s Son

Few authors could pull off the joining of both the Civil War era and the Roaring Twenties in a single novel. Caryl McAdoo’s done it convincingly in her Christian Historical Fiction “The Bedwarmer’s Son.” A readers’ blessing, the author’s brilliant encompassment –Alan Daugherty, columnist The News-Banner

The BED WARMER’S SON is, I believe, one of Caryl McAdoo’s finest books. I love this period of history and emphasize the necessity of authors telling the whole story. Mrs. McAdoo has done her research and produced a book spotlighting lies and truth.

The characters are well developed and multi-dimensional and the storyline kept me on the edge of my seat. Billy and his mama, Jasmine, win hands down as my favorites. The author’s word weaving skills warm the story with delicious southern vernacular and cultural traditions. While the author was faithful to include the gospel message of mercy, grace, and hope, she in no way crossed the divide into preaching. Even though Mrs. McAdoo writes serial type books, she always closes her book-baby-gifts pointing us to joy, hope and peace in Jesus Christ. And THE BED WARMER’S SON is no exception, but is perhaps the best of her best– DiAne Gates, author of Roped and Twisted. 

The Bedwarmer’s Son weaves together two romances to form a tale reminiscent of the great southern writers of the last century. More than a classic romance, The Bedwarmer’s Son falls in the category of an historical novel. While faithful to the genre, this book transcends the norm by dealing with complex times, contentious social issues, and important questions of faith.

The compelling writing and interesting characters kept this reader flipping pages. This reviewer read this gripping novel in one weekend and recommends this story for the reader who is looking for a book that breaks away from the standard romance formula.  Well written, compelling, this is a book not to be missed. – Cass Wessel, multi-published devotional author.

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What if Abel had killed Cain, but there was no jury of his peers? In 1928 Georgia, a black man who kills a white man is automatically guilty, but the bedwarmer’s son, an ex-slave, is no normal black man. And the dead white man is his half-brother.


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