How to crack waking up in the morning

Do you have trouble waking up in the morning, well here are a few tips to help you?


  • Buy a pet – cats or dogs are brilliant at waking you up. Their persistence knows no bounds. A face full of slobber from a dog is a sure way to wake you up. Alternatively being stabbed by a cat’s claws has the same effect.



  • Have children – this will permanently work as each morning their bright faces excited about a new day will be thrust into your face until you get up. If this does not work then their constant bouncing on exhausted body ought to.



  • Use a silly alarm – my favourite was a train that screamed at you “get up the train is leaving” hooting continually. Unfortunately, it got smashed by my husband who didn’t want to get up at the same time as me.



  • Forget to tidy your bed of lego or biscuit crumbs – sharp objects or irritating bits of food cause irritability to the body, thus making the bed uncomfortable to stay asleep in. Getting up and cleaning it will make you get out of bed.



  • Sleep in a room with a dripping tap. This annoying noise will repeatedly irritate you during the night and morning will be a blessed relief when you get up.
  • Buy a recording of a baby crying. That maternal or paternal instinct will kick in willing you to nurture the baby until of course, you realize you don’t have an infant in need of your help. Heyho you are awake so you may as well get up!
Have I missed a great tip? Include your own in the comments. Happy waking up in the morning.