How to listen to God when He speaks.

Listen - Margaret Kazmierczak reviews John David's Calling by Caryl McAdoo

So many people have told me that God doesn’t listen, let alone speak to us. Well, I beg to differ. God is alive and trying to make His voice heard above the chatter. I missed His message not so long ago to my detriment.

Recently I needed a new car, and with instinct and common sense, I looked over one that seemed to fit the bill, at least from the advert. On the way to the person selling the car, I heard DON’T BUY IT. I stayed quiet and dismissed the warning. After viewing the vehicle and going for a spin in it, all seemed fine. We did a deal, and a few days later I picked the car up.

The car drove well all the way up to my son’s, and there I handed over the keys to him. A week later the car broke down, one of many such incidents to come. Each time it was the turbo and caused my son hours of cold waits on the hard shoulder of the motorway. He became more dissatisfied with my buy, and I embarrassed that I had bought a lemon. I ought to have listened to the voice, but I didn’t. Instead, I tested it thinking I knew better. What a fool I was not to listen.

Proverbs 18:2 (NLT)

Fools have no interest in understanding; they only want to air their own opinions.

John David’s Calling by Caryl McAdoo is full of wisdom as the main character turns to listen to the Lord for His answers.

Margaret Kazmierczak reviews John David's Calling by Caryl McAdoo

My Penny’s Worth

How to listen to God when He speaks

John David’s Calling is a satisfying story of how to listen to God when He speaks. This young man of twenty, Caryl McAdoo’s strong central character, portrays the dilemma’s of a young man desperately trying to live a Godly life while courting his sweetheart. His love for his girl, however, is nothing compared to his love of God. He too heard God speak, but he listened unlike me!

What I liked

The story portrays the obedience God requires of his people in a relatable way. It deals with a personal faith that involves the Holy Spirit, miracles and revival. John David strives to listen to God’s promptings but has to convince his young lady that it is the right journey for the both of them. The action is like a pendulum, swinging from John David to Sandy. From the wise to the spoilt child. There were times when I wanted to take Sandy to one side and tell her she was unreasonable. It took me time to warm to this young lady; a credit to the writing which aroused such feelings.

The admirable portrayal of what Hannah wants and God’s will for John David is woven throughout the storyline.  A struggle that is known to us all. We are called to do God’s bidding but do we have the courage to do so? It requires faith, trust and dependence. Does John David have these qualities? You will have to read the book to find out!

The sentence I loved

I loved Caryl McAdoo’s description of the rising sun. “The rising sun splashed the sky with so many colours and shades that if an artist painted it exactly as it was, viewers would claim it didn’t look real.” I want to see that painting!

The rising sun splashed the sky with so many colours and shades that if an artist painted it exactly as it was, viewers would claim it didn’t look real. #JohnDavid'sCalling #CarylMcAdoo Click To Tweet
And there is more?

Thankfully this is the beginning of a new series, and I am looking forward to travelling with John David and Hannah to their next destination. I feel the apparent slowness (which is just a personal opinion) of this first book at times, will be superceded by a great tale as the couple take up their first challenge. I am really looking forward to book two.

Would I recommend John David’s calling?

I believe this is a great book for showing how God can work in our lives when we listen to His word and utterings. Miracles do happen in the way they are described in the book. They are not just stories. I am glad that Caryl McAdoo has written this story and hope that others will find it an eye-opener in what God can do in our life when we put Him first.

So what should I award this book, well I would like to give it ***** stars

*I received this book for free. No compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.*

Don’t forget Caryl’s GIVEAWAY at the end of this article and to read her guest post that tells more about this new series. It’s well worth reading. 🙂

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About the Book


Listen - Margaret Kazmierczak reviews John David's Calling by Caryl McAdooTitle: John David’s Calling

Author: Caryl McAdoo

Genre: Historical Romance

Release Date: May, 2018


When much is given, much is required.

Everything comes easy to David Nightingale. The favored son of Cypress Springs comes of age in the Texas Hill Country with one foot in PawPaw’s Church of Christ and the other in Gramp’s Holiness Church. He loves tilling the soil, traipsing the back woods varmint hunting, and most of all Hannah Claire. But the Lord calls him to leave everything. Will he choose to follow or succumb to his love for Hannah? If he stays, can he have it all?

About the Author

Listen - Margaret Kazmierczak reviews Caryl McAdoo's book John David's CallingCaryl McAdoo prays her story brings God glory, and a quick scroll through her novels’ rankings by Christian readers attests to the Father’s faithfulness. She loves writing almost as much as singing the new songs He gives her—look her up on YouTube to hear a few. Her high school sweetheart husband won her heart fifty-two years ago, and now they share four children and seventeen grandsugars. Ron and Caryl live in the woods south of Clarksville, seat of Red River County in far Northeast Texas, waiting expectantly for God to open the next door.

Guest Post from Caryl McAdoo

At just one-year-old, David John Prescott sat on the hip of his mother, Sandra Louise Harris Prescott in the end of CHIEF OF SINNERS, book ten (and last) of my Texas Romance Family Saga series. His biological father, Buddy Nightingale walked away from them both, choosing obedience to God over the love of his life and his son.

Staunch Church of Christ believers, his mother’s parents took in the baby while her guilt took her to Dallas and eventually France to oversee the care of her mentally deranged husband Harry Prescott. So David grew up in the Texas Hill Country, well loved and cared for, with his mother visiting as often as she can.

Nathaniel Nightingale

David’s paternal grandfather, Nathaniel Nightingale (from Texas Romance’s book eight and nine COVERING LOVE and MIGHTY TO SAVE)—once a famous tent preacher with a healing ministry—has been close, quitting the road to pastor a nearby Holiness Church. As David grows, he sees him occasionally when his father Buddy visits from Alabama and Gramps always came to watch him play sports.

Book One

From a long line of people who love the Lord, I thought to write a trilogy titled THE REVIVALIST. JOHN DAVID’S CALLING is book one.

At fourteen years of age, David stepped in to rescue a little third grader being bullied and instantly became her hero. As Hannah Claire grew, doting on him, making him gifts and cards, swooning, she won him over, and PawPaw allowed him to visit her church one Sunday a month.

Second Book & Third Book

The second book in the Trilogy will be HANNAH’S WILDERNESS, and then I’ll wrap up their stories with book three, KING DAVID’S TABERNACLE.

I’ve so enjoyed these characters—the Buckmeyers, Baylors, and Nightingales—I find it hard put them on the shelf. They’re like family. I’ve even got one story started that’s a contemporary called THE KING OF TEXAS, with Patrick Henry the III as hero.

As all are written to stand alone, it’s never necessary for readers to know all the ancestors to enjoy JOHN DAVID’S CALLING or any of the series really—though I’m pretty certain reading the Family Saga in order would be the best! So if you love David’s book, you might want to go back to VOW UNBROKEN, book one and read all ten. I think you’re sure to love them all!

We have something in common

One thing I love about this JOHN DAVID’S CALLING is that it takes place in my days. I graduated high school in 1968, same as David, so he lives through the same times as me! That’s really been fun. But I must say I do resent it being called a historical a little J LOL

As always, I pray my story gives God glory and that its readers will be drawn closer to Him through it. He blesses me and highly favors me daily. I cannot thank or praise Him enough! Thank you for reading my stories!

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