How to derail my crazy life

How to derail my crazy life

Last July I wanted to know how to derail my crazy life. I didn’t want another tomorrow struggling. I yelled out imploring someone to give me the key to this knowledge. Alright, smart-aleck don’t tell me the answer is 42 as I won’t believe you. Computers lie!

My slimming world journey by Margaret Kazmierczak

So looking in the mirror back then, I sensed that “over the hill feeling” as I am onto my last year in my fifties. Or at least that is what my body kept telling me. I am not listening. Bodies lie trust me!

Then my mind told me I am too tired to try. Don’t buy into that either – minds can lie too.

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Lettuce verdict – murder by misadventure

Lettuce doff our caps and bow our heads for a minutes silence.

Slimming humour - Lettuce verdict, murder by misadventure

It is with great sadness that we are in court today to decide on the matter of Lettuce’s demise. You as the jury must deliberate the evidence and unanimously state if Margaret is guilty or innocent.

What have you to say, Margaret?

I wish to plead not guilty your honour.

Very well state your defence.

It all began last week when I decided to change my life style. I first met Lettuce at the supermarket. We instantly connected. I invited her home, and we became friends – she was always accompanying me at meals.

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Pound by Pound – Ten Crazy Sure Ways to Slim

Pound by pound ten Crazy sure ways to slim by Margaret KazmierczakTen crazy sure ways to slim – get those pounds dropping, pound by pound. Read these ten pointers, and you could be on the new path to a new you!

Here’s the first three…

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