I love Authors Interview 24 this is Rachel J Good

Margaret Kazmierczak interviews Rachel J Good author of The Amish Teacher's Gift

I love Authors Interview 24

Rachel Good

Today on the couch for the I love Authors Interview 24 is Rachel J Good. Her book The Amish Teacher’s Gift is on tour with Celebrate Lit from 8-21 May.

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Amish Teachers gift

Welcome Rachel, it’s great to have you with us today.

Rachel – Thank you, Margaret, it’s my pleasure.

As you know I like to provide a different setting for my interviews. Something that takes the author away from the usual question and answer format. So while sitting on my lovely couch we shall be transported to my desert island where I shall ask you five questions. Are you happy with that Rachel?

Rachel – Sounds great.

Wonderful. My first question is..

What luxury would you like to have washed up on the beach?

Rachel – I’d wish for two luxuries – a soft mattress (although maybe I could create one from items on the island) and some writing supplies. I’d prefer my computer, but unless I could somehow rig up a battery to generate electricity, I suppose I’d only be able to use it for several hours. So pens and paper would be ideal. Actually, I might even solve that problem when I indulge in my passion (see below).

How interesting Rachel, I love the idea of you making your own mattress. It sounds like you are going to make the island work for you. Maybe you could invent a solar battery from all that sun power? But if not we will give you plenty of paper and pens to be creative with.

I wonder what creature you are going to choose?

You are given one wish, but there is a clause which means you can only ask to be an animal. What creature would you like to be?

Rachel – A jaguar. They’re so sleek and beautiful. I love looking at the way they move and slink and pounce. Being wrapped in a soft fur coat would be luxurious. I’d also have claws to help me dig and protect myself, although I’d prefer to be a vegetarian jaguar. I’m not sure I could kill or eat other animals. Because I love being surrounded by trees, I’d like taking shelter in the forest. And stretching out on a branch, sleeping during the day and prowling at night appeals to my night-owl tendencies. It would be super cool to be out in the jungle at night under the moonlight, powerful and unafraid.

A vegetarian jaguar now that’s a fascinating idea. I am loving your imagery of the Jaguar and you have such a terrific way of describing this animal and its habits.

While out on a walk inhaling the ambience of the island..

You find a piece of paper with a pencil left behind from the previous author who was shipwrecked here, what encouraging message would you leave for the next castaway?

Karen – All things work together for good, for them that love God. You’re here for a purpose, so look for the positives. If you have a good attitude, even being stranded on a desert island can be an enjoyable experience. Think of all the time you can devote to prayer, planning, and daydreaming. Take time to think up stories, imagine big dreams, and send love to all God’s creatures.

I think I’d also include instructions for finding food and shelter as well as anything else I’d learned about survival on the island to make the next person’s stay a little easier.

You have a wonderful positive attitude Rachel. I really like that. You’re making my island sound idyllic for a spiritual and personal retreat.

I am enjoying this interview..


You are allowed to invite another person to stay with you on the desert island, which of your characters would you choose and why?

Rachel – I would choose Josiah, the hero of THE AMISH TEACHER’S GIFT, because he’s resourceful and has carpenter skills. I’m sure he’d be able to figure out how to build us a shelter and get food. Of course, the fact that he’s handsome would be a plus.

It sounds like you have the island cracked Rachel. With your enthusiasm and Josiah’s skills, you will get a huge amount out of its challenges.

I can’t believe this is the last question..

I know you like writing but do you have another passion?

Rachel – Yes, I do. I love art. I could indulge in my passion on the desert island. I’d draw in the sand with sticks, create sandcastles and mud sculptures, and make collages from leaves, twigs, and stones. I imagine I could find ways to create dyes from plants, and by chipping bark from fallen trees, I could make paper to write on. I’d also have plenty of time to paint and sculpt because I’d have no deadlines or other responsibilities. This is starting to sound like so much fun, I might never want to leave. When can I sign up to go?

Haha, shame it is only fictional Rachel, but what a fabulous idea to make your own paper and dye. I think you have been my most creative desert island inhabitant. This has been such fun.

Thank you, Rachel, for sharing your inspiration with us today.  It has been a delight sharing my couch with you. I hope you have a successful blog tour.

Rachel – Thank you so much for having me. I enjoyed being on your desert island and hope I can visit again. Many blessings to you and all your followers.

Sadly that is all we have time for so let’s give Rachel a huge round of applause.

As usual, there is a GIVEAWAY at the end of this post from the author – please enter for a chance to win. And if you have enjoyed the I love Authors Interview 24 post a comment too. It’s good to get feedback.

I love Authors Interview 24 was brought to you by Margaret Kazmierczak, blogger, author and generally nice person. Oh and modest too! Hope to see you soon.

About the Book


Margaret Kazmierczak interviews Rachel J Good author of The Amish Teacher's GiftTitle: The Amish Teacher’s Gift, Book 1 of the Love & Promises Series

Author: Rachel J Good

Genre: Amish Romance

Release Date: April 24, 2018


Widower Josiah Yoder wants to be a good father. But it’s not easy with a deaf young son who doesn’t understand why his mamm isn’t coming home. At a loss, Josiah enrols Nathan in a special-needs school and is relieved to see his son immediately comforted by his new teacher, a woman whose sweet charm and gentle smile just might be the balm they both need.

With seven siblings to care for, Ada Rupp wasn’t sure she wanted to take on teaching too. But the moment she holds Nathan in her arms, she realizes she’ll do all she can to help this lost little boy. Plus, it gives her a chance to spend more time with Josiah. Falling for a man in mourning may be against the rules, but his quiet strength is the support Ada never knew she needed. Yet with no time to court and a family secret holding her back, how can she allow herself to fall in love?

About the Author

rachel goodRachel J. Good grew up near Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the setting for her Amish novels. Striving to be as authentic as possible, she spends time with her Amish friends, doing chores on their farm and attending family events. Rachel loves to travel and visit many different Amish communities.

Rachel is the author of several Amish series in print or forthcoming – Sisters & Friends series, Love & Promises series, and two books in the Hearts of Amish Country series – as well as the Amish Quilts Coloring Books and the contemporary novella, Angels Unaware, part of the Hope Chapel series. In addition, she has stories in the anthologies Springs of Love and Love’s Thankful Heart.

She’d love to have you visit her website, or connect with her on FacebookInstagramPinterestTwitter, and Bookbub. Rachel also enjoys meeting readers and will be doing talks and book signings around the country this year. To find out more about Rachel and her books, you can sign up for her newsletter: http://bit.ly/1qwci4Q

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