Changing focus by providing support and laughter

Changing focus

Changing focus as I stood knees trembling, waiting my turn on the scales of fear, I noticed a single face staring around for a friendly acknowledgement. That lonely lady sat in the middle of the loud and exuberant banter. Not so long ago that lone stranger was me.

life style change support when you are alone, wieght loss

Finding new friendships

Shoes back on I sauntered over to speak to the new member. A broad smile greeted my first words. Instantly we connected. All it had taken was a “hello” and “were you happy with your weigh-in?” I love meeting people, but a lack of self-esteem and shyness hindered this in the past, however having a common cause is a great way to bridge the awkwardness.

“I lost a pound; I’m so delighted.”

“How fantastic I enthused, I ……” – Hehe, you’ll have to wait to hear how I got on.


Now changing focus or “Lifestyle changes are a process that take time and require support. Once you’re ready to make a change, the difficult part is committing and following through. So do your research and make a plan that will prepare you for success. Careful planning means setting small goals and taking things one step at a time.” (American Psychological Association)

Improving your life

My opening comment led to a gush of information sharing – I felt I had known my new friend for longer than the few brief moments we had just shared. There is nothing like feeling part of a new adventure that will change someone’s life. This thrill must have been how the sailors of old felt when embarking on the high seas for the first time. At least before the turbulent seas and thunderous gales sent them to their quarters heaving from sea sickness! At least this changing focus on life doesn’t involve vomit!

Life style change support when loosing weight

Lettuce talk business

So how is Lettuce doing I hear you ask? Or perhaps you don’t really care – if so I am surprised you are still reading. All hail to those that still are – God bless you!

Lettuce had a run in with Jacket Potato. She took a disliking to the amount of room he took on my plate. She decided I favoured his flavour more than hers – oh the squabbling! In the end, I ate both, and that was that!

Tom A To – how I love his petite round juicy taste. I caught him and his friend playing bowls in the fridge using Courgettes (Zucchini) as pins. Yes, the refrigerator is a veritable jungle!

life style change support loosing weight

Sugar, sugar, sugar

Now that I am well on the journey to changing focus from cakes and chocolate to healthy eating (cakes – now I am drooling, how I love them… get behind me, Homer Simpson) my taste buds are revising their opinion on sugary foods. Thank the Lord as it was getting out of control.

According to statics in the UK: “Added sugars shouldn’t make up more than 5% of the energy (calorie intake) you get from food and drink each day. This is about 30g of sugar a day for those aged 11 and over.”

Crumbs, Coke has 39g  in just one can – that is over your sugar intake for one day!

Check these out:

  • Raisins  42.5g serving – 30g
  • Yoplait Yogurt, Strawberry  6 oz Container – 27g
  • Power Bar, Chocolate Peanut Butter 1 bar (65g) 23g
  • Oreos, one serving (4 cookies/34g) – 14g
  • Pop Tarts, Frosted Cherry  2 Pastries – 34g
  • Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll  1 pastry – 55g
  • Snickers one Regular Size bar (59g) – 30g
  • Skittles one  bag (2.6 oz) – 47g
  • Apple one large apple (3.25″/223g – 10% waste) – 23g
  • Apple one cup slices (109g) – 11g )

For more  examples:

Life style change support loosing weight

Constantly learning

Wow, what an eye opener – looking at this site has reaffirmed my changing focus on food. No wonder I put on the weight. At times I would eat a large bag of skittles or a snickers bar in one day on top of all the other sugary choices I made!

Laughing your way home

On another note “researchers, discovered that laughing increased both heart rate and calorie expenditure by up to 20 per cent – and the longer participants laughed for, the greater the effects. Using the results, the scientists then went on to calculate that just 15 minutes of laughter a day will burn 10 to 40 calories, depending on a person’s weight and the intensity of the laughter. That’s enough to shift between 1 and 4lb a year.”

Life style change supporting weigh lose


Oh, by the way, I am not suggesting that you subscribe to the above website or any of the other references. I used it purely to gain some insight as to how laughing can help you to move towards a healthier life style.

Weighting for an answer?

Are you still with me or did you scoot down here just for the results? If you did, you missed some helpful facts along the way.

Laughing is my secret ingredient.

So after that 2lb increase last week, I managed to lose that again this week, so I am back on track – until the next weigh-in!

Not so long ago that lone stranger was me but joining a group that supports and enjoys one another’s company has opened up a new world. I would certainly recommend it.

Life style support for weight loss

Finally to take us away

After three, (to the tune of Money, Money, Money by Abba) Sugar, sugar, sugar, it’s a dieter’s downfall in a wholesome world. 

What would stop you from changing focus in your life?