Cancer sucks – Meet an amazing lady who survived.

Cancer sucks – Meet an amazing lady who survived Cancer, it can be a killer, but for one woman it became a challenge.



Margaret Kazmierczak meets Karen Ingalls
Hi Karen, thank you for accepting my invitation to talk to my readers about your book Outshine.
Thank you, Margaret, it is a pleasure to be here. 
Karen just to let my readers know before we start you are a cancer survivor.  
Yes, I am.

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Amazing inside information – Karen Ingalls interviews Margaret Kazmierczak Author

Behind the scenes – How to Make Victoria Sponge – the book.

Powerful, eye-opening and life changing.

“I am honoured to have Margaret Kazmierczak as my guest this week. In this interview, you will learn about how she came to write her book and why she loves to write.” 

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Interview with Margaret Kazmierczak author of How to Make Victoria Sponge

How to make a difference – review a Christian book and make an author happy!

Margaret Kazmierczak writes about family life in a Christian household


That book you had published, how’s it going? 
A deafening silence fills the room with the anticipated answer. A nervous shuffle, lips parting then closing again as the right words are being formulated, then dismissed. 
That well?
So often no news is good news, but in the case of a book that has tormented the author with blood and tears during the years of writing and trying to get it published, no news is definitely not good news.  

You see sales but no reviews – oh how I can relate, do you?

Margaret Kazmierczak writes on reader writing a review. 

So what is happening? 

  • Did you like it and just forget to review it?
  • Read it and decided better to say nothing in case you upset the author? 
  • Simply started it and put it down finding it useful as a door stop.
  • Put it on your “to read” pile that might get read in five years time!
  • Maybe it fell down behind the bedside cabinet and is collecting dust waiting to be remembered and retrieved.
  • Perhaps the beginning didn’t hook you and you found a more interesting book to read instead.
Meanwhile, the author, the creator of the work, waits patiently for the reviews to come….. Is anyone out there? 😞
The market is flooded with books, so much choice and what to choose. Reviews help with that choice. You are making a huge difference by taking a moment to comment, good or bad on a book you have enjoyed or been dissatisfied with. Your opinion does matter.


What happens when you review a book? 

  • You bring that book to the attention of others whether it is a good or bad review.
  • Your review may influence others in deciding whether or not to buy the book.
  • You will help the ratings.
  • You will help the author understand if she has connected with her readers and that the book is not propping up a wobbly table. 
  • Your opinion will matter in the future when the author undergoes her next ‘work in progress’.
  • You may not make the author rich, but she will be very grateful that you have taken the time to comment on the novel. 😄

At this point, the author may well be jumping up and down, it does not take too much to please this particular author. You, my readers, are a delight to write for. 

Margaret Kazmierczak talking on how book reviews are essential for the good of a novel.


How to crack waking up in the morning

Do you have trouble waking up in the morning, well here are a few tips to help you?

  • Buy a pet – cats or dogs are brilliant at waking you up. Their persistence knows no bounds. A face full of slobber from a dog is a sure way to wake you up. Being stabbed by a cat’s claws has the same effect. 

  • Have children – this will permanently work as each morning their bright faces excited about a new day will be thrust into your face until you get up. If this does not work then their constant bouncing on exhausted body ought to.

  • Use a silly alarm – my favourite was a train that screamed at you “get up the train is leaving” hooting continually. Unfortunately it got smashed by my husband who didn’t want to get up at the same time as me.

  • Forget to tidy your bed of lego or biscuit crumbs – sharp objects or irritating bits of food cause irritability to the body, thus making the bed uncomfortable to stay asleep in. Getting up and cleaning it will make you get out of bed.

  • Sleep in a room with a dripping tap – this annoying noise will repeatedly irritate you during the night and morning will be a blessed relief when you get up.
  • Buy a recording of a baby crying – that maternal or paternal instinct will kick in willing you to nurture the baby, until of course you realize you don’t have an infant in need of your help. Heyho you are awake so you may as well get up!
Have I missed a great tip? Include your own in the comments. Happy waking up in the morning.


The thief who denied hell and stole Heaven.

The thief who denied hell and stole Heaven

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The thief who denied hell and stole Heaven has an amazing place in history. 
The thief is the one person who saw the truth of Jesus’ message. Those around him were grieving, shocked, taunting, or disinterested in the crucifixion, but the thief stole the show. He saw his opportunity, to rob hell of his soul and to repent of his past heinous crimes. For this he would be remembered for all time.
cross 2 the thief
The robber understood he deserved to die.
The thief in his understanding knew that he deserved his crucifixion. His pain and subsequent death were of his own doing. He had deprived many of precious things through the manor of his trade as a robber. He no doubt robbed wives of husbands, children of their fathers and vice versa. Now his crimes were to rob him of his life. But his salvation hung beside him.  
“Remember me when you come into your Kingdom.”
As the robber gazed on the man beside him the scales from his eyes fell. He did not see another criminal, but the Son of God. His soul leapt for joy but the devil cringed in the dark periphery surrounding the revelation, watching as the first sinner gained entry into Heaven. “Remember me when you come into your Kingdom.” (Luke 23:40)
Jesus said “I tell you the truth,  today you shall be with me in paradise. (Luke 23:43)

How comforting for Jesus in his agony to be recognised for who He really was. The thief, a man of the world, who did not know Jesus from His ministry, bowed down before his Saviour King. When Jesus died Heaven rejoiced and the sinner danced, he had stolen his greatest prize at the last moment – his redemption. 
The memory of the thief.
Today let us remember the lesson of this man who denied hell and stole Heaven, as we hang on our own cross of life. Let us see what the thief saw – God’s Grace. 
Do you see as the thief saw?

Celebrate Lit Christian book review blog stop 9

Celebrate Lit Christian book review blog stop 9

How to make Victoria Sponge by Margaret Kazmierczak – review by Debbie Curto.

“It is fun to read about someone just like me.”

Victoria Sponge is a fictional character but she is a picture of any Christian wife and mother. Each day our Heavenly Father has a personal message to Victoria. I must also say that I especially relate to her because she is just like me in that she falls and bumps her head repeatedly, it is fun to read about someone just like me.

The chapters are the days of the week and start out with a morning prayer and there is an afternoon prayer and an evening prayer. Then it tells about the troubles of the day and we read Victoria’s prayers to God and learn how she turns everything to thankfulness to Our Saviour and asks Him to help her to always remember the lessons that day’s struggles has taught her. I like that each day also includes Our Heavenly Father’s responses to Victoria’s thoughts and prayers.

Victoria Sponge uses everyday occurrences, such as trying to catch a field mouse to point out Our Heavenly Father’s love and that He doesn’t chase us but waits for us to come to Him. This book has really touched my heart and soul, I will be reading this book again and again as it is life changing fiction.

I am including part of one of Victoria’s prayers in the review as it is mine also even if I have never actually prayed it. “Oh. Lord. Please help me to be happy with who I am and with the gifts and challenges that You have given me.” But after reading this book I will make this prayer part of my daily prayers.

Just to show once again why I think this book is fantastic, here is a prayer that Victoria prays after her daughter dyes her hair pink. “Oh Lord, we all make mistakes; although I am not sure I have made a pink one! Help me to sort this one out or if this is not possible, then a friend who has knowledge of dealing with dyeing mistakes might be helpful.” I love that Victoria talks to our Lord as a friend and not someone who is out of reach.

Victoria Sponge is so honest in this book even about finding a pair of clean underwear and a lost television remote.

There is one scene in this book that isn’t an easy subject to deal with but Victoria relates it to the  suffering that Jesus suffered on the cross. This book really helps the reader understand that Jesus suffered all the same things that His people struggle with.

There is another story at the end of Victoria’s story and it is called “A Jewel In the Sponge”. I love how the colors of the rainbow is described to Victoria’s son Johnny.

I am going to buy this book in print and give them out, yes the book is that good!

I received a complementary copy and the opinions expressed are my own.

I give “How To Make Victoria Sponge” by Margaret Kazmierczak five stars.


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