How to break toxic soul ties with Gods help

A toxic relationship

What could I tell my friend when her toxic boyfriend proposed to her after only knowing her for two months? I tried to reason with Sally, suggesting that it was too soon to talk about marriage, but I failed miserably. Sally longed to be in love, to love and be loved. Now heading for her forties, she believed she would never meet anyone. Then Terry arrived on the scene. I could see right through him, sadly Sally didn’t.


Margaret Kazmierczak reviews Breaking Toxic Soul Ties by Tom BrownBroken from childhood experiences my friend couldn’t believe the lavish exploits Terry would go to win her over. Sally besotted by the attention fell hook line and sinker into the arms of an abusive marriage.

Terry’s story of an abusive childhood given at his court hearing a year later confirmed my original hunch that he was indeed a toxic soul. Sally did not survive the marriage and Terry went to prison.

Perhaps if Sally had read Tom Brown’s book Breaking Toxic Soul Ties, maybe she would be here today.

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My Penny’s worth

Sally’s marriage failed because of the toxic soul ties. Two individuals both broken bringing unhealthy experiences into their relationship. Sally, a victim from her past and Terry, a victim, turned predator – a recipe for disaster, not marriage.

Toxic relationships are destructive

Margaret Kazmierczak reviews Breaking Toxic Soul Ties by Tom BrownTom Brown does not mince words. Toxic soul ties are destructive because it gives the devil a door into your life. If you wonder why people treat you like dirt or say mean things to you, then you need to read this book.There are solutions, but you need to be open to the truth that Tom Brown writes, primarily as they are based in the Word.

Breaking Toxic Soul Ties deals with relationships, rejection, forgiveness, mercy and grace. Tom Brown reminds the reader that “Jesus needed friends, and so He had soul ties with twelve apostles. He was very close to them. Yet even Jesus had a bad soul tie with Judas.” It was a friend who betrayed Jesus; if it could happen to the Son of God, then we have a mighty ally.

Standing on the truth

Throughout Breaking Toxic Soul Ties there are many truths to remember to challenge the bad soul ties. If I quoted them all, this review would be pages long, so I have pulled one from the pages referring to Judas. “Jesus did not let His hurt emotions change God’s plan for Him and us.” He put behind the hurt and moved on. This message comes over loud and clear throughout the book.

Putting relationships in their place

Knowing a person’s place in your life is another theme that is important and reminds us that we need to be wise in our relationships so that they are a blessing and a godly soul tie.

Did I like Breaking Toxic Soul Ties?

I wanted to read this book as I knew it would be uncomfortable reading at times but being challenged is important to our growth in God. Therefore I am glad that I read Tom Brown’s book and have many bookmarks to go back to ruminate on.

Who might benefit from this book?

If you are looking for inner healing and health, then I would recommend this book, however, be warned taking that step requires a willingness on your part to break the toxic soul ties in your life.

Thank you, Tom Brown, for writing this book and reaching out to the broken.

I would like to give this book 4 stars.

*I received this book for free. No compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.*

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About the Book

Breaking toxic

Title: Breaking Toxic Soul Ties: Healing from Unhealthy and Controlling Relationships

Author: Tom Brown

Genre: Non-fiction, relationships

Release Date: January 9, 2018

Soul Ties

Going through this world in relationship with other people inevitably creates connections in our inner being called soul ties. When these relationships are loving, supportive, and nurturing, positive soul ties are created. But if the relationships become abusive or manipulative, or cause rejection, they can create a toxic brokenness within the soul that we carry with us, even long after the relationship ends. If these toxic inner soul ties are not broken, we will experience failure, fractured relationships, and even health problems throughout life.

A way to freedom

In Breaking Toxic Soul Ties, Tom Brown describes his own story of rejection and the process of inner healing he experienced. He helps you to identify and diagnose toxic relationships as he breaks down the difference between positive and negative soul ties. He also shows why toxic soul ties develop and how they can only be broken by a process of inner healing through confession, forgiveness, and prayer. The truth is, unless your self-image is firmly rooted in the truth of your identity in Christ, you will always be susceptible to bad soul ties. Tom Brown describes the way for you to move forward in life and leave pain and brokenness behind for good!

About the Author

Tom Brown is best known for his deliverance ministry. Millions have seen him on ABC’s 20/20, as well as on MSNBC and the History Channel. He is a noted conference speaker, prolific author, and committed pastor. His award-winning Internet site,, reaches more than a million people a year. His books published by Whitaker House are Devil, Demons, and Spiritual WarfareBreaking Curses, Experiencing HealingPrayers That Get Results; and Spiritual Gifts for Spiritual Warfare. Tom is the founder and pastor of Word of Life Church in El Paso, Texas.

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