I love Authors Interview 28 this is Lael Harrelson

I love Authors Interview 28 Margaret Kazmierczak talks to Lael Harrelson author of Tremors of Doubt

I love Authors Interview 28, this is Lael Harrelson

On I love Authors Interview 28 today, we have Lael Harrelson on the desert island couch. Lael’s book Tremors of Doubt is on tour with Celebrate Lit from June 12 -25.

I love Authors Interview 28 Margaret Kazmierczak talks to Lael Harrelson author of Tremors of Doubt

Hello Lael, I am so glad you could join us. Let’s give my guest a warm welcome.

Thank you, Margaret, for inviting me.

Well, let’s get on with the show.

First of all…

Who would you like to be marooned on the island with and why?

Lael- Bear Grylls, so he could help me find food and water and then get me home.

He is a popular choice Lael, but we will see if we can contact him to help you out!

A desert island isn’t known for its luxuries so…

What luxury would you like to have washed up on the  beach?

Lael – Salt. I LOVE salt!

Ok, I’m sure Bear could manage to extract that from the sea without much problem when you have run out of your supply.

Tell me about books you enjoy?

What book would you crave to read (you already have the bible, so please pick another book)?

Lael  – I have too many favorite authors and stories to choose from. I love science fiction and fantasy.

Well, it’s good to be eclectic Lael.

It’s always nice to talk about animals…

You are given one wish, but there is a clause which means you can only ask to be an animal. What creature would you like to be?

Lael – A golden retriever

Oh, I love golden retrievers too. They can be so soppy and loving. Not sure I like the wet slobber though!

Let’s talk about food next…

What food would you miss the most being on a desert island?

Lael – Cheese. I’m mostly Vegan. I already miss cheese!

I agree Lael, however, I haven’t had cheese for over a year due to my diet and I miss it too. Too many calories in it!

You are allowed one favorite meal on the island what would it be?

Lael – Crispy tofu and beautiful fresh veggies marinated in a lemon garlic sauce over brown rice. I know I’m weird!

That sounds really delicious, I don’t think that is weird.

I like to encourage people and I believe Lael you do too…

You find a piece of paper with a pencil left behind from the previous author who was shipwrecked here, what encouraging message would you leave for the next castaway?

Lael – I love the anonymous Jewish poem… I believe in the sun even when it is not shining. And I believe in love even when there’s no one there. But I believe in God even when he is silent. I believe through any trial there is a way.

That is really poignant Lael, thank you for that quote. I am sure the next castaway will find that helpful. I’m going to put that on my fridge door.

Now you are settled on the island…

You are allowed to invite another person to stay with you on the desert island, which of your characters would you choose and why?  

Lael – Nurse Hazel. She’s feisty and funny and very wise.

It sounds like Nurse Hazel would be fun to have around.

If you could be one of your characters which would it be and why?

Lael – A lot of Callie is drawn from my own experiences. I think I would be Aunt May. Funny and wise and spunky. What you see is what you get.

She sounds like someone I might get on well with.

We are having such a lovely time tell us more…

I know you like writing but do you have another passion?

Lael – Relationships. I’m such a people person. I adore my friends and will drop everything at a moments notice to hang out with someone.

It sounds like you would miss your social life while on the island. Talking to the local flora and fauna might not be quite so exciting.

We have come to the last question…

To leave the island, you have to describe your main character in five words, can you tell me what they would be?

Lael – Loyal, Confused, sincere, determined, faithful

Well, thank you, Lael for spending time with us on I love Authors Interview 28. I hope your book is successful and you enjoy your tour.

Your welcome Margaret.

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About the Book

I love Authors Interview 28 Margaret Kazmierczak talks to Lael Harrelson author of Tremors of Doubt

Title: Tremors of Doubt

Author: Lael Harrelson

Genre: Contemporary Amish Alternative

Release Date: March 19, 2018

Would the will of God ever lead a young woman against the counsel of family and church?

For a young Mennonite woman who wants to make a difference in the world, growing up on the mission field in Haiti should be the perfect fit. But not for Callie Zimmerman.

Raised by her aunt and uncle after the death of her parents, Callie works beside her aunt cooking, cleaning and sewing each day as the men head off to serve the community. She longs to do more to alleviate the poverty and sickness that surrounds her, but tradition and her uncle forbid it.

On the eve of her twenty-third birthday, struggling with hopelessness as another year passes, Callie pleads with God to open a door for her. The prayer has barely left her mouth when she finds a stack of letters with secrets about her parent’s deaths and their excommunication from the Mennonite church. Devastated, Callie cries herself to sleep, only to be awakened a few hours later by her uncle with the startling news that Noah Koehn has asked permission to court her. Is one of these the answer to her prayer? Would exploring her parents past mean losing a future with Noah? Is it worth the risk?

About the Author

I love Authors Interview 28 Margaret Kazmierczak talks to Lael Harrelson author of Tremors of DoubtRaised by a fun-loving, atheist single mom who struggled with depression and mental illness I spent my childhood backpacking around Europe, visiting yoga communes, eating vegan, living on a houseboat, then an old pony express outpost in the backwoods of Montana. My teen years took a drastic turn when my mom got saved, got married, and joined an ultra-conservative Mennonite church. Faith, step-parents and unquestioning obedience is a dangerous combination when mixed with mental illness, legalism, and heavy-handed physical correction.

A heart for Jesus

I became a confused believer with a heart for Jesus but drowning under a sea of rules, regulations, and legalism. So I became a missionary teacher and then a nurse and escaped to the mission field, the one avenue open to single women. I taught VBS on Indian reservations, led school for missionary children in Haiti and Africa. All around me was heartache and disease and glaring need. I longed to make a difference but was limited to working on the mission compound – teaching, cooking, cleaning. Work outside the walls of the compound was reserved for the men.

Grace not performance

On a furlough, I met my future husband – a new believer who wasn’t looking for a doormat in a wife but a partner. As he grew in his faith, I reexamined mine and what Biblical womanhood looked like. Timidly at first, but then eagerly, as I discovered a new relationship with Jesus Christ based on grace and not performance. I left the Mennonite church and married the love of my life twenty years ago. We have five beautiful teenagers, two by birth and three through adoption from Haiti. My husband is adopted and God used my time in Haiti to prepare me to understand my children’s culture and language and ease their transitions home.

In our diversity, we are one

Two people in my family have mild Asperger’s and one has Reactive Attachment disorder, PTSD, and ODD. Our house is not a quiet, well-greased machine but a chaotic, happy, crazy, nerve-racking, love filled oasis where we all try to help each other grow and thrive. I am so thankful for my life – the good and the bad. I feel blessed to have experienced so many unique situations and to love and be loved by so many wonderful and eccentric people. It is from these experiences I draw the fiction stories I write. I like to think of them as fiction with grit. Fast-paced and entertaining stories that make you want to read till the very last page while at the same time tackling real-life issues – legalism, abuse, divorce, adoption, Asperger syndrome, mental illness, etc.

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