Shirley Crowder – Chat on the Couch

Margaret Kazmierczak chats to Shirley Crowder author of Prayer Warrior Confessions

Welcome, Shirley Crowder to chat on the couch. You are one half of the team that wrote Prayer Warrior Confessions. I am delighted that you were able to join me today on my island getaway.

Margaret Kazmierczak chats to Shirley Crowder author of Prayer Warrior Confessions

Shirley, you have already confessed to me that you would like a hammock as your luxury item. That sounds like a wise decision so you don’t have to sleep on the ground. Also, you would like a boat builder to be marooned with, which means you will not be hanging around on the island for long. I think you are keen to get back to your calling. Bearing this in mind I want to thank you for giving me an opportunity in your busy life to ask a few questions so that my readers can get to know you a little better.

Let’s start with books..

During your time on the desert island what book would you crave to read (you already have the bible, so please pick another book)?

Shirley – It would be a series rather than just one book… The Chronicles of Narnia … my favorite is Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

They are great books Shirley with wonderful characters and meaning. A good choice.

From Prayer Warrior Confessions..

What favourite sentence do you like from your most recent published book?

Shirley – “When someone comes to mind, or the thought you need to call or check on someone comes to mind, act upon it quickly.”

That is so true. So often this has happened to me and I am always glad that I do act upon it quickly. God has a wonderful way of prompting us if we listen to Him.

Just imagine..

You find a piece of paper with a pencil left behind from the previous Author who was shipwrecked here, what encouraging message would you leave for the next cast away?

Shirley – Regardless how horrible things are or appear to be, God is your refuge and strength.

Oh, again another piece of good advice Shirley.

I love to hear why people write..

On the island you have time to think, can you tell me why you decided to become a writer?

I have journaled and recorded my thoughts on paper since I was about 10 years old. A challenge by a counselee of mine led to my posting thoughts point to Jesus each day between Thanksgiving and the New Year. Those were the seed thoughts that turned into the first devotional my co-author Harriet E. Michael and I wrote. The expanded second edition of Glimpses of the Savior: 50 Meditations for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year was released in September 2018.

I love your wording “seed thoughts” it gives me the image of seeds flowering in your mind and producing a landscape of inspiration. God will no doubt water the seeds of those reading your devotions.

Producing spiritual food is one thing..

You are allowed one favourite meal on the island what would it be?

Shirley – Spinach salad with strawberries, real bacon bits, goat cheese, and strawberry vinaigrette dressing. Southern fried chicken, steamed asparagus, baked sweet potato (butter only), and a Sister Schubert’s rolls, Southern sweet tea. Crème brûlée with dark roast coffee, black.

This would be a feast to tickle your taste buds, Shirley. My mouth is watering.

Well there you have it, thank you, Shirley Crowder, for sharing your thoughts with us today. I hope your tour with CelebrateLit is a success.

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About the Book

Margaret Kazmierczak chats to Shirley Crowder co-author of Prayer Warrior ConfessionsBook: Prayer Warrior Confessions

Author: Harriet E. Michael & Shirley Crowder

Genre: Non-Fiction, Christian Living, Inspirational

Release Date:  November, 2018

Publisher: Write Integrity Press

Come along with other prayer warriors and read their stories. Some of the stories will make you cry while others will make you laugh. Each story ends with a confession from the writer in which he or she shares an insight about prayer or something new they learned through their experience.

Readers of Prayer Warrior Confessions will learn more about prayer as they enjoy the true and candid stories of other people’s experiences with prayer. They see the stories through the writers’ eyes and glean the insights the writers learned.

True stories of prayer in action that will make you cry, laugh, sigh, smile, and stand amazed.

About the Authors

The authors, Shirley Crowder and Harriet E. Michael are lifelong friends whose parents served as missionaries in Nigeria, West Africa. Their friendship has spanned across two continents, numerous states, and many, many years. Learn more about them at

Harriet E Michael co-author of Prayer Warrior Confessions

Harriet E. Michael

Margaret Kazmierczak chats to Shirley Crowder author of Prayer Warrior Confessions

Shirley Crowder

Guest Post from Shirley & Harriet

God writes the best stories … and sometimes we get the privilege of recording them.
Co-writers Harriet E. Michael and Shirley Crowder have a common interest in all things Biblical. Over the past few years, they have worked together on a series of books on the topic of prayer. “Prayer Warrior Confessions” is the fourth & final book in that series. It is a book filled with true stories of experiences with and lessons learned about prayer. This collection of true stories was written by various contributors who retell a story from their lives about a time they saw prayers answered, and/or learned a new lesson about prayer. These stories are heartwarming, exciting, sad, funny, and will touch your heart in so many ways while also sharing deeper insights into prayer.
Yes, God creates the best stories & He writes them on the parchment of our lives, teaching us lessons through them.

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