I love Authors Interview 26 this is Susan B Mead

Margaret Kazmierczak interviews Susan B Mead author of Don't go through Like Naked

I love Authors Interview 26

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Today on I love Authors Interview 26 we meet Susan B. Mead author of Don’t Go Through Life Naked which is on tour with Celebrate Lit from 15th – 28th May. Click here to purchase your copy!

Margaret Kazmierczak interviews Susan B Mead author of Don't go through Like Naked

Hello Susan, it is a pleasure to have you sitting on my couch today.

Susan – Thank you, Margaret, I am really excited to be here.

As you know I like to put my authors on a desert island to get to know them better.

I have five questions for you so let’s get started..

Susan, who would you like to be marooned on the island with and why?

SusanJesus – He walks on water and leads The Way! Can you imagine that adventure?!

That certainly would be an amazing adventure, Susan. Think of all the questions you could ask Him as you followed in His Way. Oh to be in His presence.

The island is remote and basic..

What luxury would you like to have washed up on the beach?

SusanA soaking tub with an unending supply of cool fresh water (to drink and bathe in) and fluffy towels to wrap up in and sit under as shade.

I’m sure you could find a waterfall to source the cool fresh water. The fluffy towels we are happy to provide as your luxury item. As for shade cover, I like your thinking.

On one of your scavenging trips…

You find a rowing boat hidden in a cave, what name would you paint on it and why?

SusanDestiny, for it is there for a purpose to help me determine a path and that feels destiny laden. Oh, what an amazing gift it would be to find. Like finding a present – today is called the “present,” so dig in, open it, and revel in the gift you were given by your mighty God!

That is a wonderful play on words Susan – what a great name. It conquers up all sorts of ideas. I hope my readers will dig in and open it – I wonder what gift they will find?

Onto other treasures now..

You find a piece of paper with a pencil left behind from the previous Author who was shipwrecked here, what encouraging message would you leave for the next cast away?

Susan – Expect miracles. Rejoice and be thankful daily. Be grateful for this glorious retreat – God has sent you on a sabbatical to a place of blue water and white sand – my definition for heaven on earth. So rest and be rejuvenated in your time of repose. Life is a lesson. Learn it well.

Being on the island seems to have you in a reflective mode, Susan. We all need time away from the hustle and bustle to become grounded again. Life certainly is a lesson and sometimes a bit like groundhog day when we fail to learn the lesson God wants us too. A spell on the island might do us all good.

For my last question..

What favourite sentence do you like from your most recent published book?

Susan – Why do I feel like I’m going through life naked if I’m faithfully following God?


The Bible tells us the war has been won, yet some days we simply feel undone.

These are both sentences for reflection and show a glimpse into your writing. Your book sounds thought-provoking and I hope my readers will pick up a copy. You have certainly given us something to ruminate on Susan. Thank you.

It has been a delight to talk to you, Susan. Thank you for joining me.

Please show your appreciation for Susan B. Mead – applause fills the room.

Susan – Thank you Margaret.

Susan has a GIVEAWAY for you which is at the end of this post. To enter read on and follow the link for your chance to win.

The enemy of your soul wants you to feel out of control, overwhelmed, outwitted and under-resourced. #GodMatters #books Click To Tweet

About the Book

Margaret Kazmierczak interviews Susan B Mead author of Don't go through Like NakedWhy do I feel like I’m going through life naked if I’m following God faithfully?

The Bible tells you the war has already been won, yet some days you simply feel undone.

The enemy of your soul wants you to feel out of control…overwhelmed, outwitted and under-resourced. When you listen to the lies the enemy weaves in your marriage, finances, relationships, and health, he wreaks havoc. Steals your joy. Kills your hope. And aims to not only dull but destroy the power of God in your life.

A personal testimony

In Don’t Go through Life Naked, Susan B. Mead shares her own deeply personal experiences with feeling exposed and engaging the enemy—from the recurring nightmares of childhood to the loss of her son and perceived judgment of others.

With scriptural insight, let’s-get-real vulnerability, and a wry sense of humor, Mead helps readers:

– Toss out misconceptions about spiritual warfare to understand what Jesus really said about your spiritual authority and the certainty you have in him. – Know what to pray to steady your soul and restore your confidence. – Stop feeling overrun by the enemy and start believing the authority of God abides in you to overcome.

Spiritual weapons

In Don’t Go through Life Naked, Mead provides strong spiritual weapons for your life through the scripture of God’s prayer book, the Bible. These weapons enable you to successfully clothe yourself in God’s power and promises every day.

A portion of the proceeds of Don’t Go through Life Naked will benefit Proverbs 31 Ministries to help them continue teaching biblical truth and taking the hope of Jesus to women and families around the world.

About the Author

Margaret Kazmierczak interviews Susan B Mead author of Don't go through Like NakedWith over 22 years in corporate American, 2 million airline miles under her belt, 2 Christian Literary Awards on the shelfan MBA hanging on the wall, and a Doctor of Theology candidacy in process, Susan B Mead shares her expert teachings on business, grief, spiritual warfare and relationships. A master storyteller and award winning, best selling author, Susan leaves audiences motivated to live a life free of regrets even though she has done the hardest thing any parent can do – bury her youngest son, Kyle.

Susan has been described as a solid, comforting voice in a messy world.Whether speaking to business professionals, women’s conferences, industry leaders or writer’s workshops, Susan’s insightful wisdom inspires audiences, empowering them to make healthy mental u-turns to help them find calm in the chaos.

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