I can’t stop eating chocolate Best ultimate advice

My slimming journal - Warning My confessions - chocolate makes me madMy mouth drools at the sight and smell of chocolate and cake. Starting a diet that excludes my favourite foods or radically curtails their consumption is going to be a nightmare. I can see tantrums on the horizon especially if someone tells me to eat a pickled onion instead!  How can a pickled onion give me that same warm, sensational hug that I desire? Give me a break!

My advice for those who can’t stop eating chocolate -share then you only eat half as much!

To be or not to be weighed

As some of you know, I am now attending Slimming World. Today that allMy slimming journal - Warning My confessions - chocolate makes me mad important weigh in after a two-week gap due to celebrating my Silver Wedding Anniversary. Did I lose anything apart from my shoes? You will have to scroll down to the bottom of the post to find out. If you scoot to the end, you will miss an entertaining post – even if I do say so myself!


Oh chocolate, my life long friend

Slimming journal by Margaret KazmierczakUmmm chocolate. My son of around two found my stash of forbidden delights. Thinking that all was too quiet, I hunted him down only to find a 500g bar of chocolate protruding from his mouth.


His eyes were wide with delight (it was his first taste!), saliva and confectionery dribbled down his arms and semi naked body. Trying to prize my guilty pleasure from him required superhuman strength.

By the time it was in my grasp, the melted form decorated my face, hair, hands and blouse. Meanwhile, my son did a war dance and plastered his sticky hands on my carpet, door and walls! Suffice to say I had to find another hiding place for my goodies. Perhaps I ought to have curtailed my addiction to chocolate from then on; it might have saved me from having to go on a diet!

My advice if you can’t stop eating chocolate – don’t have any in the house!

Life changing decision

So four weeks into this life changing decision and chocolate has its uniqueMy slimming journal - Warning My confessions - chocolate makes me mad place once again in my house. The stash no longer hides in the ice box concealed in the garage. A pack of five curly wurly’s sit in the cupboard along side Lettuce with a pain of death threat written on a post-it-note if anyone so much as looks at them. They are my Sunday treat, not all of them, that would be piggy! Each time I look at them, Lettuce stares back – she now has a black belt in Karate. Her kick is more deadly than my curry powder!

Let’s face it no diet would be complete without chocolate!

Cooking for the family

I had to come to a compromise – if I have to make cakes for my family who refuses to give in to Lettuce’s alluring aroma, I need some encouragement.

Slimming journal - Warning My confessions - chocolate makes me madYesterday my lovely daughter begged me to make her my special chocolate cakes. Talk about testing my stamina. Everything went well until I reached for the cocoa powder – unleashing the lid a cloud of tempting brown powder exploded all over me! Its scent filled my lungs and stuck to my blouse. (Talk about Deja vous)

Quickly brushing it off and leaving dark streaks I rescued what was left and added it to the mixture. I watch transfixed as the whisker blended the ingredients. When all was light and creamy, my immediate reaction led me to stick my finger into the bowl. Just as I was about to plunge it into my mouth, I noticed Lettuce!

A naughty moment!

She scowled and tutted. So I turned away from her and sucked my finger anyway! Oh the delight, I rolled the flavour around my mouth to savour its wicked luxurious taste. Then I stopped, what was I doing? Having brought myself to heal and accepted control again, my dear daughter requested that I melt the sweet confectionery over the finished cakes!

My advice to those who can’t stop eating chocolate – eat some for me!

Uh ho, tantrum time

Now, my dear friends, I would love to say that I smiled sweetly andMy slimming journal - Warning My confessions - chocolate makes me mad stoically carried on, but the thought and smell of melted chocolate produced a hysterical reaction. Like my two-year-old son so many years ago, I did a war dance and plastered the cocoa mixture on the kitchen floor, door and walls!

Meanwhile, Lettuce looked on and waited until I had had my tantrum and suggested that I comfort myself with a pickled onion!

Did I clear up the mess…..?

The verdict

Anyway, back to the all important weigh in. Today’s the day and I knocked off 4lbs bringing my total to date to 1/2 stone!! I am well chuffed and have a certificate to prove it. Get in there, girl. 🙂

And my best ultimate advice if you can’t stop eating chocolate – enjoy!

Author: Margaret Kazmierczak

For over fifty years I have laughed and cried through my life – it has been exciting, exhausting, emotional, challenging and infuriating. No one gave me a map or a ‘How to get out of stressful situations’ manual, to help me on my journey. Instead, it has been God and me, His Word and my mistakes. So let’s cut to the chase, I am a wife and mother of three almost adult children! I live in the South of England and dislike the rainy climate. Yes, it looks green but so does my face with little sunshine! With many occupations under my belt, I now spend my time writing – for my blog which includes book reviews, interviews some humorous pieces and a book called "How to Make Victoria Sponge." I also have some devotionals in a multi-author book "Heartwings Devotional. My life is hectic; I am disorganised, and God continually sorts me out. I hope my words bring you hope, comfort and laughter as I sit here in my dining room praying for inspiration and for the cat to get off my laptop!

17 thoughts on “I can’t stop eating chocolate Best ultimate advice”

  1. I agree with you, Margaret, chocolate is my worst craving. Sometimes we just have to give in and satisfy our taste buds because nothing else will do! I keep bags of chocolate chips that I go to when the craving hits and allow myself a few. I think a treat once a week is a great idea. Congrats on your loss! Keep going! 🙂

    1. Hi, Karen, that is a good idea having a bag of chocolate chips, not sure if I would stick to one or two. Once I start I will want to carry on. I have an addictive personality, that is why a curly wurly is good.I can eat it and know when I have finished there is no more.

      1. Curly surly is a delicious name. I’ll have to google what that confection is. You’re correct about the chips. It’s hard to eat just a few. ?

  2. Margaret I’ve found the trick is not saying I can’t have chocolate because then I want it more. I was given some tiny bars of good quality chocolate they are only about 100 calories per bar and if you savour them they really hit the spot. Also I think about a lifestyle rather than a diet. ? well done so far. Keep it up. Xx

          1. You are so welcome. I’m not sure what is happening, but I noticed a couple of my comments have been duplicated! I must not be paying enough attention to what I’m doing. Nevertheless, I truly am rooting for you!

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